Dyson AM05 Vs AM04

As you may already know, the Dyson brand is considered as a premium choice when it comes to high-quality technology equipment such as fans, heaters, vacuums and hand dryers. Dyson has introduced a wild amount of innovations. Because of this, the question about what brand to choose is really simple but then, another question arises. Which model to choose? This is especially true when it comes to two models, the Dyson AM05 vs AM04. It is important to consider that both of them are classified in the Hot + Cool fan category. Although one of them is the new addition to the product line doesn’t mean that it is better than the other. I will provide you with a comparison of the most important features next.

Dyson AM05 vs AM04

First of all, both versions serve the double purpose of being a heater as well as a fan. This is made possible by Dyson’s proprietary air multiplier technology. Both models can draw an average of 5.3 gallons of air each second with the final result being a smooth airflow geared towards the user. The heating technology is also shared by the AM04 and AM05 with the added benefit of distributing heat evenly across the room.

Dyson AM05 Vs AM04

Dyson AM05Dyson AM04
Specs & Features- 2 year parts & labor warranty when purchased from an authorized reseller; Product does not work on international voltage - Heating fan-Long-range heat projection so you feel direct heat throughout the room - Cooling fan-Powerful airflow and velocity to cool you effectively - Air Multiplier technology-Draws in surrounding air and amplifies it - Safe-Tip-over automatic cut out. No visible heating elements. No fast-spinning blades- Air Multiplier technology draws in surrounding air to heat the whole room faster than any other - Cooling fan- high airflow and velocity for effective personal cooling - Long-range heat projection- feel direct heat throughout the room - Safety features- tip-over automatic cut out and no visible heating elements - Precise- select target temperature to the degree and the intelligent thermostat keeps it there

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Although the similarities are many, their differences may lean you towards a particular one. The AM05 version improves the reach of both functions, although marginally. If you need a device for personal use with a focus on heating then the AM04 will do the trick. If your needs encompass more reach with a special focus on cooling a room you may find that the AM05 is more suited to fulfill your needs. Some minor differences can be found in tilt, oscillation and air fan flow. You will find some commonalities in safety, control and visual appearance. As a final pointer you should be asking yourself, should I choose the Dyson AM05 vs AM04? The answer is you should go for the AM04 unless your needs are really specific in terms of cooling power.

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