Electrolux Ergorapido Vs Hoover Linx

Are you currently seeking for a reliable cordless vacuum cleaner? Well, you should take a look at Electrolux Ergorapido and Hoover Linx, two vacuum cleaner models that are both quite popular on the market. They are favored by many users because they are available at prices that don’t break the bank, yet they offer decent cleaning performance. So, between Electrolux Ergorapido and Hoover Linx, which is the one that you should purchase? Let us see. (See alsoHoover Linx Vs Dyson DC44)

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Putting the two vacuum cleaners side by side, we can see that Electrolux Ergorapido is slightly smaller than Hoover Linx. Both are actually very slim and compact, making them very easy to be stored as well as to be lifted around the house, yet Electrolux Ergorapido perhaps can is the more practical one between the two. In addition, Electrolux Ergorapido weighs 5.1 lbs, while Hoover Linx weighs 7.25 lbs. Once again, both are very lightweight vacuum cleaners, yet Electrolux Ergorapido requires less of your effort to be brought around the house. Both models have swiveling heads, which makes them easy to be used and maneuvered around the furniture in your home. Both are also cordless, which means that they operate using batteries. Coincidentally, both of them rely on rechargeable 18-Volt Lithium-ion batteries.

Cleaning Performance
Electrolux Ergorapido and Hoover Linx seem to have similar cleaning performance. They both are decent. They can manage to pick up virtually any dust and fine debris from the floor. The fact that they have similar suction power is not surprising, considering that they both rely on similar batteries.

Nevertheless, they are designed quite differently. Hoover Linx features the WindTunnel Technology while Electrolux Ergorapido uses the Cyclonic Technology. The difference is that the WindTunnel technology is designed to completely maintain the suction power, preventing any loss of suction, while the Cyclonic Technology only helps to lengthen suction power for some time. As the effect, Hoover Linx can work for a longer duration than Electrolux Ergorapido without losing suction.

In addition, Hoover Linx has one notable feature that Electrolux Ergorapido lacks, which is the transition mode. The feature changes Hoover Linx’s operating mode from brushing to no-brushing, useful when moving from hard floor to delicate surfaces like carpets. You will be able to continue working immediately just by switching the mode.

Last but not least, Hoover Linx comes with a considerably larger bin capacity than Electrolux Ergorapido (1-litre vs. 0.44-litre). Having a larger bin is always a pleasant thing, as you won’t have to dispose of the accumulated dust every so often. Both are bagless vacuum cleaners, which means that you don’t have to spend extra bucks for bag replacements in the long run.

Electrolux Ergorapido Vs Hoover Linx

Electrolux ErgorapidoHoover Linx
Key differences- High Performance Lithium Ion Power Battery for optimum cleaning performance - Over 20 minutes of runtime on a single charge - 2-in-1 detachable handheld vacuum to clean above the floor - Bagless cyclonic system gives you consistent suction power to thoroughly clean your home- Cordless and bagless stick vacuum cleaner with WindTunnel Technology - Interchangeable 18-volt Lithium Ion battery for fade-free power; auto height adjustment - Motorized power brush turns off with a flip of a switch for bare-floor cleaning; 11-inch-wide nozzle

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Even though Electrolux Ergorapido is more compact and portable, Hoover Linx is the winner of the product comparison. Hoover Linx is able to maintain a consistent, powerful suction for a longer time, has a handy transition mode, along with a larger bin, making it more convenient in usage.

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