BenQ W1070 Vs Epson 2030

If you have at least $1000 to spend on your home entertainment, buying an LCD screen might seem a great option. Another alternative is investing in a high quality 1080p resolution projector. Given the many brands and models to choose from, it’s essential to choose the best that matches your investment with quality. This BenQ W1070 vs Epson 2030 comparison looks at two of the leading 1080p projectors available.

BenQ W1070 Vs Epson 2030

The similarities
These projectors have several features in common including the following. Each projector supports 3D viewing in full HD 1080p native viewing. Both support different forms of 3D viewing including HDMI, Blu-Ray, video games and 3D broadcasting. Each unit comes with built in speakers for easy use without need for additional sound systems. If however you might want additional sounds, both units allow for connection through the built in HDMI ports. Another similarity between these 1080p projectors is the 2000 ANSI lumen brightness which contributes to the production of crisp and clear images.

The differences
Besides similarities, each projector has specific features which differentiate it from the other. These include the following. The BenQ W1070 comes fitted with the SmartEco Technology. This is designed to ensure that the projector is as energy efficient as possible. Interesting features included in this technology include the Eco Blank mode which automatically adjusts lamp brightness for great viewing while saving energy. The technology also includes No Source detected feature which automatically turns the projector to Eco Blank mode if it doesn’t detect an attached display source. The projector allows for up to 200″ image size viewing. The Epson 2030 includes four built in color modes which allow for viewing different content such as playing video games or, watching TV. This projector also includes easy image adjust feature which automatically adjusts vertical image height. It allows for up to 300″ image size viewing.

BenQ W1070 Vs Epson 2030

BenQ W1070Epson 2030
Key differences- Built-in speakers are Plug-and-Play ready - 2 HDMI inputs for video and gaming sources - SmartEco Mode - The automatic switch to Eco Blank Mode after the projector is turned on for over three minutes without a display source - ISF Certified - Warranty : 180days or 500 hours- Up to 3x Brighter Colors with Epson - Color Brightness: 2000 lumens - White Brightness: 2000 lumens - Full HD 1080p; up to 300" on any wall or screen - Supports MHL-enabled devices

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The BenQ W1070 takes is a clear winner in this instance. Although a bit pricey, the built in technology which allows for energy saving is an innovative feature which will make any home owner overlook the retail price in the long run. The 200″ image viewing could however be increased for users who want a large display.

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