Big Boss Oil Less Fryer Vs NuWave

People really should stop consuming too much oily foods. They are bad for your health! Thanks to the advancement of technology, though, there are now cookware products allowing you to cook and fry using just little or no oil at all. This way, you can enjoy a heart-healthy meal without added calories. Two popular models of such products are Big Boss Oil Less Fryer and NuWave. Big Boss Oil Less Fryer is usually cheaper and more affordable than NuWave. So, which model should you choose?


Big Boss Oil Less Fryer and NuWave have been designed quite differently from each other. Big Boss Oil Less Fryer comes with a frame (there are several variants with different frame colors) that holds the cooking container. The control panel is on the lid, and is pretty bulky. The control uses adjustable knobs and buttons.The cooking system makes use of three different mechanisms to work; it uses a halogen lamp, convection, as well as infrared heat. Compared to NuWave, Big Boss Oil Less Fryer is a little bit bigger, so it may require more space in your kitchen. On the good side, the capacity is also larger. The 16-quart body can take in up to 16 lbs turkey, and you can insert the two trays to cook more foods at once. The lid’s tight seal ensure the heat and hot air stay inside.

On the other hand, NuWave is more similar to a regular oven as it uses convection and infrared to deliver the heating. It does not use the halogen lamp. The control panel is more stylish and elegant as it features a dial control with a display screen. It is more compact and portable, but it can only contain up to 10 lbs turkey. There is a reversible ¼” cooking rack included.

In general, Big Boss Oil Less Fryer is more powerful than NuWave. It also consumes less power. The 1300-Watt device is able to cook three times faster than a regular oven. It quickly cooks frozen foods with no thawing time. On the other hand, NuWave claims to be 50% faster and 85% more energy-efficient than a regular oven. However, NuWave is not as efficient as Big Boss Oil Less Fryer by requiring 1500 Watts of power.

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer Vs NuWave

Big Boss Oil Less FryerNuWave
BrandBig BossNuWave
Key differences- 16-qt capacity - Healthy way to enjoy favorite foods - Healthy way to enjoy favorite foods - Quickly cooks from frozen; no thawing time needed - Triple cooking power: halogen, convection and infrared heat- 85% less energy & 50% faster cooking than a standard oven - Temperature range of 107˚F - 342˚F - 10 power levels - Cooks up to a 10 lb turkey - Reversible 1" / 4" cooking rack

Customer Ratings*n/a4.4 out of 5 stars
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In general, Big Boss Oil Less Fryer makes the best value for the money! It has a larger capacity and better energy efficiency. It can also cook faster!

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