Big Boss Oil Less Fryer Vs Tefal Actifry

If you enjoy cooking healthy low-fat foods for meals or snacks, you will certainly love an oil-less fryer. An oil-less fryer is a multi-cooker machine that is able to handle a large variety of foods and is capable of frying with just little or no cooking oil at all. This method of cooking is very healthy because cooking oil adds a significant amount of calorie to the food. Right now, there are two popular oil-less fryer models on the market, Big Boss Oil Less Fryer and Tefal Actifry. More often than not, Big Boss Oil Less Fryer is priced at a lower price point than Tefal Actifry, making it more affordable and budget-friendly. So, which one is the best model for the money?

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Big Boss Oil Less Fryer is coming with a glass cooking container that is put on a frame. The lid is also made of glass, and the rather bulky control panel is integrated there. The frame is available in several variants, such as black, white, gray, blue, red, and purple. The good side of the glass construction is that it is completely transparent, allowing for easy monitoring of the food inside. The glass material is also very easy to clean by hands. However, on the negative side, Big Boss Oil Less Fryer is quite a heavy device. So, you need to be careful handling it. Most of the parts are also not dishwasher-safe.

On the other hand, Tefal Actifry comes with a slightly less attractive appearance. Available in black and white color choices, the body is made from a PTFE-free and PFOA-free material. A part of the top lid is semi-translucent, allowing you to monitor the food inside. The ceramic interior has a nonstick surface that makes cleaning easy. The pan is removable, too. Some parts are dishwasher-safe. (Take a look : Big Boss Oil Less Fryer Vs NuWave)

Tefal Actifry is able to contain foods up to 2.2 lbs, which is equal to about four servings. The capacity is pretty large. The device has a stirring paddle, which is very useful for stirring foods during cooking. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any automatic operation. You need to turn it on and off manually. There is a timer which only functions to notify you with a sound alert.

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer offers a larger cooking capacity. It has a 16-quart container, and you can even put in the included two trays for cooking multiple foods at once. The timer function is more sophisticated, as the device will automatically shut off once the timer hits zero. This is very convenient. In addition, Big Boss Oil Less Fryer claims to be able to cook up to three times faster compared to regular ovens!

Big Boss Oil Less Fryer Vs Tefal Actifry

Big Boss Oil Less FryerBig Boss Tefal Actifry
BrandBig BossBig Boss
Key differences- Triple cooking power: halogen, convection and infrared heat - Quickly cooks from frozen, no thawing time needed - 2 trays cook multiple foods at the same time - Uses less energy, cooking up to 3 times faster - Heart healthy alternative- Cook all your favorite fried food (up to 2.2 lbs) with only a tablespoon or less of oil - Simple on/off switch and digital countdown timer with buzzer for easy monitoring - Removable ceramic-coated nonstick pan (PTFE and PFOA free) for easy clean up

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In general, Big Boss Oil Less Fryer makes the best way to go. It has a larger capacity and a timer with automatic shut off.

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