Breville BOV800XL vs BOV845BSS

Smart ovens are an incredible expansion to any kitchen to utilize either as an auxiliary stove or as the main stove since it can cook all the nourishments an ordinary stove can, yet occupies less room and uses less power. 

So, what are the highlights that should have been viewed as the best smart oven? As a matter of first importance, it is the manner by how well and evenly they cook including heating, toasting, and searing.

They ought to furnish preset capacities and straightforward controls with automatic shut-off. Likewise, they should be anything but difficult to clean with nonstick interiors and a morsel plate that slides out.

Embellishments like cooking dish and pizza skillet are likewise a decent reward. Awesome models cost over 250 USD, yet a lot of good alternatives are accessible for around 100 to 150 USD with modest versions beneath 50 USD. 

In this article, we will talk about Breville BOV800XL vs BOV845BSS. At the base of these smart ovens comparison, we hope you can without much of a stretch analyze one smart oven versus another.

About the Item 

  • Breville BOV800XL:

This model uses a great plan to house a propelled convection cooking and toaster mix in one. It comes in two diverse color choices, a timeless stainless and a splendid cherry red.

Also, you get a limited item guarantee and three embellishments (two lacquer baking containers and a non-stick pizza pan). 

  • Breville BOV845BSS:

This is a little update from the model above. It includes a similar limit and size, yet with one included element that may make the redesign justified, despite all the trouble.

It is progressively costly by about 20 USD, but that might be justified, despite all the trouble. Read also: Breville BGR820XL vs Cuisinart GR-300WS


  • Breville BOV800XL:

The convection utilizes a vigorous fan highlight to rapidly flow and raise heat while smothering colder, denser air. It decreases concocting times to 30%.

It additionally incorporates nine unique capacities for cooking, treats, pizza, toast, bagel, bake, cook, sear, reheat, and keep warm. It utilizes 1,800 watts of cooking power, making it perhaps more remarkable than your present microwave, and the bundle incorporates three cooking embellishments. 

  • Breville BOV845BSS:

It incorporates all the nine highlights of the Smart Oven above with one additional component, slow cook. This enables you to cook a whole chicken well without drying it out or taking a chance with the quality of the inside temperature.

It cooks with 1,800 watts, making it an incredible heat mover and accompanies four distinct extras (two polish skillet, one pizza container, and a stove rack). 


  • Breville BOV800XL:

The machine comes in two diverse great kitchen colors and highlights a non-stick interior that resists staining and is a lot simpler to clean. Breville’s Element IQ moves heat around more effectively, giving you a superior outcome without fail.

It has a splendidly lit LED that gives all of you your capacities and decisions, in addition to dial control handles. The automatic shut-off component shields the stove from proceeding past the cooking stage and is a pleasant security highlight. 

  • Breville BOV845BSS:

It comes in three diverse exemplary kitchen colors; impeccable, dark, and cherry red. It utilizes a great toaster stove structure with Breville’s Smart Element IQ to disseminate heat equally and forestall over or half-cooking.

A ground-breaking fan moves air rapidly to smother cold air and raise sight-seeing needed for cooking. It has a splendid LED that gives all of you your choices and settings and an automatic shut-off for security. 

Pros and Cons

Breville BOV800XL:

(+) Accompanies three cooking frills

(+) Nine capacities including heat 

(+) Two great kitchen colors 

(+) Little to medium size broiler offsets warming time with limit 

(+) Limited one year guarantee 

(-) May have combined issues sooner than anticipated 

(-) Appearance will in general get shady after some time 

(-) Veneer pans can develop little cracks after some time 

(-) No moderate cook choice 

Breville BOV845BSS:

(+) Ten diverse cooking highlights 

(+) incorporates moderate cook alternative 

(+) Three exemplary kitchen colors 

(+) Little to medium size comes to a fair compromise among warming and limit 

(+) Limited one year guarantee 

(-) LED may cloud after some time 

(-) Gets hot on the outwardly walls of the machine 

(-) The fan can be boisterous 

(-) Toast work is frail 

Breville BOV800XL vs BOV845BSS

- Element IQ delievers the right power at the right time and when adjusted to taste, remembers
- 9 present functions: Toast, Bagel, Bake, Roast, Broil, Pizza, Cookies, Reheat and Warm
- 1800W with 5 Quartz heating elements
- Backlit, easy-read LCD changes from blue to orange when cooking
- Features an interior oven light to keep an eye on your cooking
- 10 pre set cooking functions include: Toast 6 slices, bagel, bake, roast, broil, pizza, cookies, reheat, warm, slow cook
- Capacity: 6 slice toaster, 13 inches pizza. Dimensions-18.5 x 14.5 x 11 inches
- Convection powered: an inbuilt fan that circulates the hot air within the oven; It speeds the cooking process by stripping away the cold air that surrounds your food

Final Thoughts 

Breville makes some gorgeous machines, and these are no special case. They feel durable and have a lovely structure that supplements practically any kitchen stylistic theme.

We suggest a smart oven for when you would prefer not to warm your stove and your whole house just to cook a pizza. They are particularly helpful for those evenings when you are cooking for one, and you need only a little piece of usefulness to make your whole dinner.

It is quicker, increasingly advantageous, and absolutely simpler to clean than your monster stove. Considering the time you could be spending inventing new dishes for yourself and your better half, that is an advantage by itself.

Breville BOV800XL accompanies nine distinctive cooking choices to browse including cook, pizza, sear, and bake. It can oblige a similar sum as a six cut toaster or 13-inch pizza with space to save. 

Meanwhile, Breville BOV845BSS model is 20 USD more of an investment, and consequently, you get a slow cook function that can deal with cooking a whole chicken and suit a nine cup biscuit plate.

That may appear to be a little distinction. However, your extension is much bigger with that slow cook function.

Breville BOV845BSS permits you to extend your cooking capacities to deal with nourishments that may be hazardous without a slow cooker. You can convection cook in the BOV800XL yet in smaller amounts, for example, chicken breasts since you realize the meat will arrive at the correct temperature on the inside.

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Finally, our recommendation will come down to Breville BOV845BSS since it has a bigger number of highlights than the BOV800XL, yet it additionally accompanies a weighty sticker price. On the off chance that spending limit is not a worry for you, get yourself a Breville BOV845BSS as you can accomplish so much more with this toaster stove.


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