Calphalon Classic Vs Contemporary

What is the actual difference between Calphalon Classic vs Contemporary? Which one does give the best value for the money? If you are currently wondering about these questions, you have come to the right place! Below, we will see the comparisons between Calphalon Classic and Calphalon Contemporary. Both are product lines of non-stick aluminum cookware models. However, Calphalon Classic is a little bit more affordable and budget-friendly than Calphalon Contemporary due to several reasons.

Cookware Size
First of all, it is worth a note that some Calphalon Classic cookware pieces are smaller than Calphalon Contemporary’s. Well, both lines have 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch frying pans. But Calphalon Classic’s Dutch oven is only 7-qt, whereas Calphalon Contemporary’s Dutch oven is a little bit bigger with the 8.5-qt capacity.

In addition, Calphalon Classic has the 2.5-qt sauce pan and the 5-qt sauté pan. On the other hand, Calphalon Contemporary has the 3.5-qt pour & strain sauce pan.

Furthermore, Calphalon Contemporary’s collection is quite broader. It features more specialized cooking tools such as the grill, griddle, wok, and skillet.

Now, let’s see the difference between Calphalon Classic vs Contemporary in terms of construction. Although both models are essentially aluminum cookware, you need to know that the Contemporary line is made to be more rugged and durable.

Calphalon Classic is made from medium-gauge hard-anodized aluminum. It is quite strong and sturdy. It can withstand most usage abuse without a problem. The hard anodized finish adds greater resistance to scratches and cracks, so your cookware will look new and shiny for a long time. The hard anodized finish also enhances the conductivity so that the heating performance is evener. Don’t forget to check our previous article, Calphalon Classic vs Signature.

On the other hand, though, Calphalon Contemporary is made from heavy-gauge hard-anodized aluminum. You can literally feel that the cookware is stronger and heavier. It can withstand heavy impacts without making a dent. It is more durable, and it is very likely to last a lifetime. The hard anodized finish also enhances the longevity and conductivity.

Non-Stick Coats
Calphalon Classic ‘only’ has 2 PFOA-free nonstick layers. The two coating layers ensure that the nonstick surface will not get damaged easily. The nonstick surface allows easy food release and cleanup. However, make sure that you use gentle utensils such as wooden, nylon, or coated utensils to avoid damaging the cooking surface. Note that this model is not dishwasher-safe.

On the other hand, Calphalon Contemporary features 3 PFOA-free nonstick layers. The multiple coating layers further improve the durability and performance. It allows immediate food release. Although it still requires usage with wooden, nylon, or coated utensils, it is dishwasher-safe. But you may want to manually clean the cookware by hand washing to preserve the durability.

Calphalon Classic Vs Contemporary

Calphalon ClassicCalphalon Contemporary
Key differences- Dual-layer nonstick for easy food release, and quick cleanup - Durable hard-anodized aluminum construction - Cast stay-cool stainless steel long handle - Oven safe up to 450ºF - Full lifetime warranty- Heavy-gauge aluminum construction ensures even heating and is hard-anodized for durability. It also makes it dishwasher-safe - Interior includes three layers of nonstick coating - two layers provide durability and the third layer offers easy release performance

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Calphalon Contemporary is worth the money and generally the best way to go. Both the construction and coating are more durable. With proper care, this cookware can last a lifetime. However, if you want to save some bucks, Calphalon Classic makes a good alternative. It is not as durable, so it requires more careful usage. But the cooking performance is just as great.

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