Cuisinart AFR-25 vs Cuisinart TOA-60 

Innovation never cease to amaze, every year great inventions are emerging, bringing us fresh ideas and technologies. In cooking world, innovators are competing to bring greatest appliances to make cooking easier and accessible. 

One of the emerging companies on cookware is Cuisinart. Founded in 1973 by the late Carl Sontheimer, Cuisinart have come a long way into the cooking world. With the motto “Savor the good life”, Cuisinart continues to bring us brand new innovation, each greater than the last to create healthy and delicious dishes. Cuisinart products are well-known globally, from cutlery to coffee makers to appliances, Cuisinart covers all your cooking needs.

Two of the most popular appliances from Cuisinart are Cuisinart AFR-25 and TOA-60. Both have some similarities and differences to ensure the best cooking experience for customers around the world. These appliances have various purposes and unique to each their own.

Cuisinart AFR-25

One of best-selling air-fryers by Cuisinart, the AFR-25 provides crispy, flavorful, fried delights with healthier result and no greasy residue. With only $99 in silver color with simple and clean design, you can enjoy food with golden-brown finish and crispness. Read also: 

This air fryer is highly efficient with capacity of 2.5 pounds of chicken wings and able to cook various food with minimal noise and maximum ease. With two easily accessible knobs for setting the temperature up to 450o Fahrenheit and timer up to 60 minutes, it is designed with large, non-stick interior with durable stainless-steel materials, easy to clean and bring a fresh look to your kitchen.

Weighing in 26 pounds and 12.00″ x 11.75″ x 11.50″ dimensions, its compact design with large capacity fits easily on any kitchen for endless meal possibilities. It has enough room to air fry an entire chicken, toast up to six slices of bread, and cook a medium-sized pizza. Equipped with special silent motor fan and heater to deliver maximum airflow and high heat for perfectly fried results, draw out moisture to create golden crispy layer with minimal noise and maximum performance.

Cuisinart AFR-25Cuisinart TOA-60 
Product Dimensions12 x 11.75 x 11.5 inches
15.5 x 16 x 14 inches
Shipping Weight16 pounds
21 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

The Cuisinart AFR-25 comes with the clear viewing window to monitor progress as food cooks and it includes air fry basket and baking pan/drip tray for various purpose to your likings. This model has various functions such as air frying, toasting, reheating, broiling, and convection baking. It also has automatic shut-off for safety so you don’t have to worry about burnt or waste electricity.

The downside of this model is it’s not suitable for big occasion since its capacity is small. Another downside is the simple settings with only two knobs isn’t practical for complicated dishes. Although it has clear window, it doesn’t have an inside light. Therefore, you will be unable to check on your food unless especially when it’s night or in condition with low light, you have to open the air fryer to check in. The limited functions with only two setting variables (time and temperature) make it extremely easy to use, perfect for those with busy mornings, elderly people, small families and single people who want to keep things simple.

Cuisinart TOA-60

Cuisinart TOA-60 is a very popular model of all the air fryer toaster oven spectrum of Cuisinart. It has a great inside volume with big capacity which works for big families and everyday use. Unlike the Cuisinart AFR-25, which only has two settings, TOA-60 is easy to use and has wide variety of settings. 

Priced at $199, twice more expensive than the AFR-25, Cuisinart comes in 15.5 inches wide x 16 inches depth x 14 inches height with four color options: black, copper, white and silver. You can choose which one is fit with your room design! It weighs 21 pounds, make it light and compatible. The design is a bit bulky and old-school, not suitable for decoration.

Cuisinart TOA060 comes with 7 function: Air Fry, Convection Bake, Convection Broil, Bake, Broil, Warm, Toast and includes oven rack, baking pan and air fryer rack/basket for your needs. It has capacity of 6 slices of bread, 3 pounds of chicken wings, a 12-inch pizza or a 4 pounds of whole chicken.

 Smaller doesn’t mean less powerful, Cuisinart TOA-60 is equipped with adjustable thermostat with 60-minute timer/auto shut off and toast shade selector, so you can choose perfect shade that you prefer on your toast! With its nonstick, easy-clean interior and whisper quiet operation, you can cook easily without disturbing noise. There are only 4 buttons but it states the function clearly. With its price, you have a complete appliance for simple and quick meal, perfect for college student or busybodies.

Unfortunately, Cuisinart TOA-60 doesn’t have automatic light, you have to turn it on manually. Its small capacity is not suitable for big feast and it doesn’t have built-in presets so you have to measure time and temperature manually for meals other than toast. It’s a toaster oven with built-in air fryer and limited functions. It’s simple and easy but doesn’t have wide variety for cooking meals. It’s a bit of a hassle since it’s very limited, it’s harder to explore more recipes.

Cuisinart AFR-25 vs Cuisinart TOA-60 

- Specially engineered motor fan and heater deliver powerful airflow and high heat for perfectly fried results; quiet operation- optimal performance with minimal noise
- Compact design, large capacity- fits easily on any kitchen countertop and air fries up to 2. 5 lb. Of food; adjustable time (0 to 60 minutes) and temperature (warm to 450ºf) endless meal possibilities
- Viewing window to monitor progress as food cooks
- Brushed stainless steel exterior enhances any kitchen décor; nonstick interior and stainless steel exterior wipe clean in seconds.MC Cubic Feet: 2.39
- 1800-Watts with 7 functions: air fry, convection bake, convection broil, bake, broil, Warm, toast
- 0. 6 cubic foot non-stick interior with oven light. Dimensions (L x W x H): 15. 50 x 16. 00 x 14. 00 inches
- Capacity: toast 6 slices of bread, air fry 3lbs of chicken wings, bake a 12-inch pizza or roast a 4 pound chicken
- Adjustable thermostat with 60-minute timer/auto shutoff, toast shade selector-timer.UC Cubic Feet: 3.249 lb

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All things considered, both appliances are similar, easy to clean, includes accessories to support. Both doesn’t have automatic light, AFR-25 doesn’t have light at all so it’s harder to see inside and it’s not practical to use at night or in low light condition while TOA-60 is slightly better with options to turn on light manually. Cuisinart AFR-25 is cheaper by $100 and it comes with two knobs that easy to understand while Cuisinart TOA-60 is larger and more expensive. Although cheaper, AFR-25 isn’t versatile enough, its functions are limited to air frying, toasting, reheating, broiling, and convection baking while TOA-60 is more capable with functions such as air fry, convection bake, convection broil, bake, broil, warm, toast. The small interior of AFR-25 doesn’t really work for long-term if there’s possibility of more people in a household, it’s not enough and yet it weighs heavier by 5 pounds. In contrast, TOA-60 is bigger with vast interior and lighter with only 21 pounds than AFR-25 that weighs 26 pounds. With various settings of TOA-60 and its versatility, suitable for its price and capacity, Cuisinart TOA-60 is the winner.

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