Cuisinart Tob 260n1 vs Breville BOV845BSS

The kitchenware at the moment is quite various. The technology also develops day by day to accommodate the needs of the kitchen. Including to get an oven toaster that manages for various things in the morning. Everyone’s kitchen is now completed with an oven toaster. Since it is one of the important things to help you with breakfast.

These needs make the market provide various brands to select. Including Cuisinart Tob 260n1 VS Breville BOV845BSS. Both are coming from a different brand and claim different capabilities too. Therefore, to make a suitable selection before decide to buy one of them, the next information will quite valuable to determine which one is the best.

General Brand Specifications

Before comparing which product is the best one, you may want to know first about Company history and credibility. This information helps you to choose a suitable product, as more experience a Company is, then a better product they will produce for their consumers. Start from Cuisinart from the USA, that claims as a Company with a passion for delivering home appliance. Founded in 1971 by Carl Sontheimer, the company committed to producing its major product, which is a food processor. Later on, it develops and produces various cooking ware. Including now on it manages to sell oven toaster too. Read also: Breville BGR820XL vs Cuisinart GR-300WS

Breville is one of the small home appliances manufacturers from Australia. Founded in Sydney in 1932, the brand produces various cooking ware for the Australian market. At the moment the products have been spread out around the world, including kettles, microwaves, oven toaster, and even coffee machine.

General Features

Each product brings their specialty in performing various toaster tasks. Such as Cuisinart Tob 260n1 as a product that able to perform 15 functions of cooking, including making sandwiches, bagels, etc. The product is able to set with special settings, consuming 1800 watts and quickly heats through the Exact Heat™ sensor technology which able to produces precise temperatures and perfect results. Furthermore, this brand claim the product is completed with below points of features:

  • The oven has a spacious 0.95 cubic-foot capacity. Therefore, it will fit for a 13″ pizza and 9″ x 13″ baking pan. 
  • It has 15 cooking functions plus the technology of innovative dual cook, and speed convection. 
  • It complete with digitals control plus a blue backlit display. It has LED buttons and BPA free.
  • The unit dimension is 20.87″ L x 16.93″ W x 11.42″ H.

While if you plan to get Breville BOV845BSS, then it is a product that manages to help people cooking with a countertop oven. The product will able to roast any meat, bake some pizza, toast any sandwiches evenly. The convection setting manages to help to reduce the cooking time by up to 30%. Specifically, the brand will able to provide you the below features:

  • It completes with 10 preset cooking functions. These functions including for toasting, bagel, baking, roasting, making pizza, making cookies, reheat food, warming food, and even for a slow cooker. 
  • The capacity is fit for 6 slice toaster or 13 inches’ pizza. 
  • It has specific dimensions of 18.5 x 14.5 x 11 inches. 
  • Inside the machine, it has an inbuilt fan that manages to circulate the hot air within. Therefore, it manages better cooking and roasting. Furthermore, it manages to speed the cooking process by stripping all the cold air away.
  • The product also claims for a nonstick cavity coating. This is applying to the wall inside the oven. Therefore, it is easy to clean whenever you finish performing any cook.


There are several differences in both products that need to be notified before choosing one of them. Therefore, checking on the difference will help you manage to choose the most suitable product. In summary, the below points are several differences between both products:

  • Capacity is one of the main differences between Cuisinart and Breville. Cuisinart Tob 260n1 is able to carry up to 27L, while Breville BOV845BSS is only able to carry 22.7L. This means that Cuisinart has more volume and capacity to cook for the entire family.
  • The next difference is the number of toast slices. Cuisinart is having 9 numbers of toast slices, while Breville only consists of 6 numbers. This makes Cuisinart, once again, have more capacity to toast the bread.
  • The next difference comes from the wattage. Cuisinart need 1875 watt, while Breville is less on 1800 watt. Therefore, this is not too significantly different.
  • Last is the technology and quality of the cooking. Cuisinart is a common oven while Breville claims have been included smart oven technology that will result in a better way through its element IQ technology.


Don’t get surprised when it comes to the price difference between both items. For information, you will able to get Cuisinart Tob 260n1 at a price of $199 only. But, if you want to get a Breville BOV845BSS, you need to make an effort to buy it at a price of $280. They have an $80 difference that makes you add additional effort when you want to buy Breville. Therefore, people are really considering which product is more suitable as they don’t want to spend more money on nothing.

Cuisinart Tob 260n1 vs Breville BOV845BSS

- Spacious 0.95 cubic-foot capacity oven fits 13" pizza and 9" x 13" baking pan
- 1875 watts of power; 15 cooking functions, including innovative Dual Cook and Speed Convection; door sensor to activate oven; auto-slide out rack
- Digital controls with large blue backlit display and LED buttons; interior light; adjustable 2 hour timer and 2 hour automatic shutoff
- Front pull-out crumb tray; Exact Heat sensor maintains precise oven temperature; Always Even Toast Shade Control offers consistent results
- 10 pre set cooking functions include: Toast 6 slices, bagel, bake, roast, broil, pizza, cookies, reheat, warm, slow cook
- Capacity: 6 slice toaster, 13 inches pizza. Dimensions-18.5 x 14.5 x 11 inches
- Convection powered: an inbuilt fan that circulates the hot air within the oven; It speeds the cooking process by stripping away the cold air that surrounds your food
- Non stick cavity coating: The walls on the inside of the oven feature a non stick coating for easy cleaning

NOTE : Product prices, availability, ratings and save money information are accurate as of the date/time indicated on post time (as seen right bellow the tittle) and are subject to change. Any price, ratings, availability and save money information displayed on Amazon Site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

From the explanation above, you can see that Cuisinart Tob 260n1 VS Breville BOV845BSS has a significant price difference. Therefore, if your budget is limited, you might want to choose the cheaper one. Especially since Cuisinart able to give you more capacity and number of toast. If you having a big family with less budget, it is a good selection. While if you prefer a good quality of the product, then you can select Breville for better material and way of cooking. Furthermore, both are created in a different segment, as the $80 difference will be quite much price to consider before buying the right convection toaster.
Finally, there is no exact judgement on which product performs the best. Since you will get what you paid in terms of this selection. Cuisinart is a quite good product that manages to accommodate large quantities necessity. While in terms of material and cooking result quality, then Breville will be the answer. That is why whether you selecting Cuisinart Tob 260n1 VS Breville BOV845BSS, they both would disappoint you at all. 

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