Flavorwave Vs NuWave

If you are a busy person and having limited space in your kitchen, you might want a kitchen appliance that not only ease your work in the kitchen, but also compact enough for your home space. In this article we will introduce you to two of cooking appliance, which may suit your preference.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Flavorwave and NuWave
– What Flavorwave and NuWave can offer to you
– Flavorwave vs NuWave

About Flavorwave
Taken from souq, Flavorwave Turbo oven is the ideal oven for people who are seeking for delicious food but have no time to prepare the food. This cooking appliance is a microwave oven, it was built with a glass bowl that support the oven unit. This product will helps you to cook your food quickly and evenly inside out. Moreover the transparent glass bowl allows you to see your cooking progress while the food is being cooked. You can also cook frozen meat and vegetables using Flavorwave Turbo oven without thawing it first.

Flavorwave Features
The measurements of Flavorwave Turbo is 17.8 pounds in weight and 15.1 x 15.1 x 11.2 inches in full body overview. This makes this cooking appliance can fit under any cabinets you have. This oven also was ergonomically designed, it is pretty simple to control and operate using minimal efforts. This appliance has a control panel that consist of two dial and two light that will ease you when using it on daily basis.

The Flavorwave Turbo oven was built up and ready to use quickly and any moments. The intelligent design this oven has eliminates your worry about the buildup heat. This appliance also made to be easy to clean, the glass bowl is easy to clean after use for cooking meat of vegetables. The transparent glass that sit on the plastic bracket below it lets you place it on your countertop or table.

About Nuwave
The NuWave that we are going to talk about in today article is the NuWave Elite oven, this product is a cooking appliance that can be used to do many different kind of cooking, this appliance offer a wide range of efficient cooking methods. It works through infrared, conduction and convection cooking that allow your food to be cooked fully inside out. Using this cooking appliance you can do air frying, baking, barbecuing, broiling dehydrating, grilling, roasting, searing, steaming, and even the sou-vide cooking. Read our previous article about NuWave oven Elite Vs Pro here.

NuWave Features
NuWave elite complete measurements is 12” in diameter and 14” in height. With an appliance this big you can roast a chicken or even a small turkey. Some of this appliance ability is to cut your time when cooking and makes it consuming less energy. Using this appliance you can fasten your cooking time by 70% faster than a conventional oven. While in the energy consuming this appliance can saves up to 85% less energy used to prepare your meal.

Other than that NuWave elite is designed to be easy to use, you will not be burdened by the complex control panels like the one placed in your conventional oven. This appliance is designed with the consideration of easing you when using this oven. The control panel in this appliance is place conveniently at the top of the product. You can control the temperature in one degree increments from 100 degrees all the way up to 420 Fahrenheit using the simple control pad.

NuWave elite oven also offer you to saves your favorite recipes. It was programmed so it can memorize your favorite menus with an impressive holding capacity about 100 and more recipes. The simple design panel of this appliance makes you able to prepare some high grade meal as easy as pressing a button. Like what we have been mentioned above, this appliance able to work like the convection oven, the fan inside the products allows for the circulation that results in quick and even cooking. The transparent dome also allows you to look at your food as it cooking so you don’t have to open it like what you do in convection oven.

When you try to decide which one of them that you want to purchase, it is wise to think things and compare the thoroughly first. Since one of the reasons you want to buy them might be related to health reason. When you compare bot of their heat source you can see that both of them used infrared, what makes them different is the heat source Flavorwave heat source is halogen lamps, while NuWave oven uses sheath heater.

Flavorwave Vs NuWave

Key differences- Countertop Turbo Oven cooks food in a fraction of the usual time - Cooks fresh and frozen foods, no need for defrosting or preheating - Removes fat and oils for healthier cooking - Lightweight and portable with safety handle and easy-use controls - Self-cleaning and dishwasher-safe- Infrared, conduction, and convection heat cooks food on the inside and outside simultaneously - Uses up to 85% less energy and cooks up to 70% faster than a standard oven - Heats up to 420 degrees F - Reversible cooking rack and stainless steel liner pan included - Sear, warm, and dehydrate features

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The maximum heat these two oven can reach is also different NuWave Elite can reach 232 celsius or 450 Fahrenheit, while Flavorwave can reach higher at 500 degrees. This might be the main reason why Flavorwave is pricier than NuWave. However both of them doesn’t differ so much, you can still get your desired result using which one of them. If you need to purchase an oven we recommend you the cheaper NuWave Elite oven, not only it can do many things, it also comes in more reasonable price.

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