Foodsaver FM2435 Vs V4440

We are agree that doing grocery shopping is tiring and time consuming, many of us bought food ingredients in a bulk to be saved and use later, but unfortunately, they will not last long if not stored properly. Many time we have to throw food ingredients that are no longer can be used. However there is a way to keep your food fresh for a long time and keeping their nutrition. We will introduce you to appliances that can vacuum seal your foods, so you can use them later without worry, they are the Foodsaver FM2435 and V4440.

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– Foodsaver FM2435 vs V4440

About Foodsaver FM2435
Foodsaver FM2435 is a machine that used to vacuum and seal plastic food container to make the food kept inside stay fresh for longer time. It will remove the air inside the package and leaving an airtight space inside. This appliance is pretty easy to use and the size is pretty compact, it can be easily placed on your countertop. With this appliance you now can buy fresh vegetables and meats in bulk then save it for later, so you don’t have to do grocery shopping every time you want to cook. Read our previous article about Foodsaver FM2435 vs FM2000 here.

The FM 2435 is an excellent option to reduce wastage and save money while keeping your food fresh for longer time. You can find another food sealing system in the market but the Foodsaver FM2435 has many different accessories and additions comes in the package, with this appliance you will be able to seal almost anything and save the cost of replacing food that you may have to throw away because you can no longer use it.

Foodsaver FM2435 Features
We are going to list its features, which are:
• This appliance is made from stainless steel
• The FM2435 has an integrated seal and vacuum chamber that able to reduce the wastage of bags and packaging
• The sealing system has an extra wide sealing strip that gives the bags much stronger seal.
• It comes with roll storage and cutting system inside the stainless steel body, to ease its users.
• The FM2435 weigh only 8 pounds and 18.5” long, making it not only lightweight but also portable and easy to move.
• The appliance came with a starter kit that comes with many of the things you need to get start with right away.
• The FM2435 also comes with different types of handheld sealer for quick and easy use for different shapes and sizes of food.
• This appliance is suitable for both dry and wet food, making this appliance suitable for a wide range of food.
• The last is the 5 year warranty, so you can be sure that you are purchasing a great product that built to last.

About Foodsaver V4440
Taken from its page, the Foodsaver V4440 is an automatic Vacuum Sealing System. This vacuum can seal both dry and wet food, moreover the material is BPA free so it is safe to use it to store your children food. The V4440 has a beautiful look, not only it appearance, being a 2 in 1; retractable handheld and standard vacuum sealer, this appliance will allow you to do many thing just with one appliance. The V4440 is able to vacuum seal canisters, containers, zipper bags and many others. After you done with the sealing, the handheld retractable sealer will eliminates any additional attachments.

The V4440 also has a built in cutter that allow you to customize your bags. This appliance is able eliminate air from specially designed bags. The machine gives multilayer material heat seal to prevent freezer burn.

Foodsaver V4440 Features
We are going to list its features, which are:
• It has a retractable handheld sealer that vacuum seals a range of packing from canister to zipper bags.
• The V4440 has the automatic nag detection that will make your work lot easier compare with the manual versions.
• This vacuum sealer doesn’t need an additional attachment to seal on a range of packaging.
• This appliance also able to seal whether wet food and dry food.
• The automatic vacuum sealing system is sensitive enough to keep delicate food safe.
• It work best with Foodsaver packaging.
• It provides an airtight seal to remove all air and prevent freezer burn.
• It has a pull out drip drawer to help cleaning the drip and spills.
• It has a rapid marinate modes that able to marinate meats in a matter of minutes.
• It weigh only 10 pounds, making it easy to remove and store.
• The V4440 has both handheld and standard food sealing option.

Foodsaver FM2435 Vs V4440

Foodsaver FM2435Foodsaver V4440
Key differences- Stainless Steel body. Product dimensions: 18.4 x 6.5 x 11 inches - Integrated seal and vacuum chamber reduces bag waste - Extra Wide Sealing Strip for the Strongest Seal - Convenient Roll-Storage and Cutter. 5 year warranty- When sealing zipper bags, containers and canisters, the convenient handheld retractable sealer eliminates the need for additional attachments - This v4440 unit is in the v4400 series; retail box to state v4400. FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing Systems are engineered to work best with FoodSaver bags and rolls

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As it have been stated above, both FM2435 and V4440 was built with some differences. You also can easily differentiate them only by looking at their built, we can see clearly that the V4440 is bigger and heavier than FM2435. One of the inside difference is that the V4440 has the rapid marinate mode, which allow you to marinate meats in minutes instead of hours. Which is not available in FM2435. The V4440 might be pricier but we think if you don’t mind on spending more money to buy vacuum sealer, we highly recommend the V4440.

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