Foodsaver FM5000 Vs FM5480

The main reason why vacuum sealing system were invented is to help people preserve their food for longer time. We know that it is not good to keep wasting food, but there are times when there is none to be done after the food is spoiled. To prevent this we can use vacuum sealing system to keep the food edible for longer period and reduce wastage. In this article we will introduce you to two Foodsaver vacuum sealing system, which are FM5000 and FM5480.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Foodsaver FM5000 and FM5480
– What Foodsaver FM5000 and FM5480 can offer to you
– Foodsaver FM5000 vs FM5480

About Foodsaver FM5000
As you might already guessed or know, Foodsaver FM5000 is a vacuum sealing machine. The design of this vacuum sealing machine exudes a very simple but also elegant, with this look you can place the FM5000 anywhere in your kitchen and the machine appearance will complement your kitchen overall look. The body is sleek and doesn’t take up so much space. When you see the machine, you will find the vacuum view window that will allow you to peek the process of sealing and giving you control and reduce any possible roll waste.

Foodsaver FM5000 Features
One of the most obvious reason why many people purchase vacuum sealer is to ease their work when sealing food bags. This is why you will like the Foodsaver FM5000. The machine is pretty easy to use and only with one touch on the vacuum and seal bar, you already start the process of sealing your food. This machine also offer rapid marinate mode that will helps you marinate your food ingredients in a matter of minute. This will surely fasten your work since you don’t have to wait for hours like when marinating food traditionally.

Unlike the most vacuum sealing machine out there, FM5000 has open roll storage so you can monitor your bags in case it running low and you have to replace it. This machine is also easy to maintain, the FM5000 is designed to be an efficient machine. The machine is able to create about 30% reduction of the roll waste. It also has a pull out drip drawer, that you can detach and clean it in dishwasher. Drip drawer is the tray that catch any liquid which overflows from your food to the machine. With this you also do not have to worry about dirtying your kitchen when vacuum sealing your food.

About Foodsaver FM5480
Taken from foodsaver, the Foodsaver FM5480 is a 2 in 1 vacuum sealing system that will help you storing your food and protecting your food to prevent them become a wastage because of freezer burn and spoilage. Aside from that you will get the benefit of lessening your burden going to grocery store every time you want to cook, because you can buy your food ingredients in a bulk and keep them in your refrigerator to be used later. The FM5480 also has a vacuum view window to help you getting more control over your machine and reducing the roll wastage from 30% to 40%.

The FM5480 has a sturdy design and compatible with any type of kitchen, it might appear not as big but the material is pretty solid. One of the best part about FM5480 is the retractable sealers, which make it easily visible and accessible, because it is placed in the front of the machine. This vacuum sealer also has a built in cutter and roll storage. If you are interested on other Foodsaver vacuum sealer system, you can check our previous article here.

Foodsaver FM5480 Features
As you can expect, this machine is better than many other vacuum sealer out there. The best part of FM5480 is that this machine able to provide versatility, it has various settings for dry and moist food, moreover it is fully automatic. You only have to place a bag near the seal trip and it will get automatically captured. To operate it is also simple, you can press a button to begin sealing and the machine will automatically stop when done. Because of its handheld sealer, the machine can also be used on jars, canisters and zipper bags. Other than that, this machine also has a high capacity motor so you will be able to vacuum seal more food without stopping.

The presence of bag detection in FM5480 making the machine commendable. Commonly vacuum seal system is used to seal dry food, but in this machine you can adjust the setting with a button to handle moist food like fish and raw meat. It also has performance light place along with other buttons, so you can keep track of how long the process will be running.

Foodsaver FM5000 Vs FM5480

Foodsaver FM5000Foodsaver FM5480
Key differences- Keeps food fresh up to 5X longer and helps prevent freezer burn* - Save up to $2700 yearly (based on buying in bulk, buying on sale, and preventing waste)** - Express Bag Maker- Reduce bag making steps by 50%*with a unique second heat-sealing bar - Allows Manual Start and Stop to Control Air Removal; Helps Seal Delicate Foods Without Crushing Them - Easy-access Open Roll Storage keeps track of bag inventory, so you always know when you're running low.

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When looking at both unit you might not able to differentiate them because they look very similar, both of them had retractable handheld sealer and vacuum view window. The easiest way to differentiate them might be from their buttons, the FM5000 buttons are rectangle while the FM5480 are circle. The inside different is the automatic system that is not available in FM5000. Aside from those, both of them doesn’t differ much, if you don’t mind on spending more, we recommend you the FM5480, which has an automatic mode to ease your sealing work.

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