FoodSaver V4400 Vs 4800

There are a lot of similar FoodSaver products that seemingly differ only in the names! For example, there are FoodSaver V4400 and FoodSaver 4800. The two seem to be very identical to each other. Yet, they are being priced quite differently. So, which is the one that you should actually purchase? What are the differences between all these vacuum sealer models?

FoodSaver V4400 Vs 4800

Well, for your information, many FoodSaver models differ only in the included equipment in the bundles, like FoodSaver 4800 and FoodSaver 4840 from our previous article. Here, FoodSaver 4800 comes along with one 11” x 10’ heat-seal roll and fifteen 1-gallon zipper bags. These add-ons are very useful if you often handle large-sized foods, as the zipper bags are of huge capacity. On the other hand, FoodSaver V4400 comes with one 11” x 10’ heat-seal roll, three-quart heat-seal bags, two-gallon heat-seal bags, three-quart zipper bags, and two-gallon zipper bags. As you can see, the size choices are more variegated, which is good for more versatile and flexible purposes. See also: FoodSaver 4840 Vs 4440.

Regarding functionality, FoodSaverV4400 and FoodSaver 4800 are very similar to each other. They both are two-in-one machines, each having an automatic vacuum sealer and a built-in handheld sealer. The handheld sealer is retractable for easy manual sealing for more delicate, specialized foods. They each has a convenient roll storage with a built-in cutter for making custom-sized bags. They have a metallic exterior that is easy to clean, while they are also equipped with a removable pull-out drip tray drawer each that will collect all the overflow excessive liquids as well as food crumbs, keeping the interior clean.

FoodSaver V4400 and 4800 have identical functionalities. They can detect when there is a FoodSaver bag inserted and operate automatically. You should adjust some settings prior the insertion, though. You should choose the operation mode, whether it is dry mode or moist mode, in order to achieve the optimum sealing result. There is a rapid marinate mode as well for marinating your foods quickly within minutes.

The only notable difference besides the bundle is the design. Well, FoodSaver V4400 and FoodSaver 4800 have similar sizes and weights. It is just that FoodSaverV4400’s buttons are placed at the bottom part of the upper surface, while FoodSaver 4800 buttons are placed at the top part of the upper surface. There is no real effect on usage.

FoodSaver V4400 Vs 4800

FoodSaver V4400FoodSaver 4800
Key differences- This 2-in-1 FoodSaver appliance is vacuum sealing versatility at its best - Retractable handheld sealer for vacuum sealing containers, canisters, zipper bags and more - Automatic bag detection and vacuum sealing means two quick and easy steps to seal and save - One unit does it all- Retractable handheld sealer - Includes vacuum, one 11" x 10' heat-seal roll and fifteen 1-gallon zipper bags - Preserve refrigerated and pantry foods with zipper bags and containers - Convenient roll storage and roll cutter - Automatic vacuum and sealing with Marinate Mode

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As the conclusion, in choosing between FoodSaver V4400 and FoodSaver 4800, you need to consider which equipment that you prefer to have. If you often handle large-sized foods, then FoodSaver 4800 is the way. If you prefer to have bags of different sizes, FoodSaver V4400 should be the way.

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