Green Life vs Blue Diamond 

Cookware is crucial because they are in contact with your foods and heat, so we have to make sure that they are safe in such application which is why Green Life Vs Blue Diamond are two amazing options to consider. These popular cookware brands are promising safety as well as durability but, since they are also made by different companies, there might be some differences that may affect your buying decision so do check what they can offer here before making any purchase.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • How to Shop for a Cookware
  • What are Green Life and Blue Diamond
  • What Green Life and Blue Diamond Look Like
  • What are the Material and Coating of Green Life and Blue Diamond
  • How are the Handle on Green Life and Blue Diamond
  • How to Clean and Care for Green Life and Blue Diamond
  • Green Life Vs Blue Diamond

Choosing for Kitchen Cookware

Cooking at home is great as you can make anything you want to follow the kind of recipe and seasoning that fits in your taste better. It is also healthier because we know what we put in the meals and especially useful if you are trying to lose weight or have children so then we can monitor the nutritional intake everyday. For some people, cooking is also a hobby or career to let them relax and pour the creativity into something we can enjoy after.

As people have different preferences in cooking and the kind of meals they have everyday, the tools and appliances in their kitchen will vary as well depending on what they often make. Shopping for kitchen products can be very confusing because there are so many of them yet, not all will be useful in our day to day cooking. Choosing cookware is one of the most time consuming as well due to the tons of variants and materials.

  • Consider what you have already owned, is the first step we usually do when shopping for a new cookware because sometimes we are not sure yet what’s been sitting inside the cabinet and never or very rarely get out or being used. We often like to collect things and while it is a freedom to do so, not only it will clutter your kitchen, but they can be very costly as well while not giving value for your everyday cooking. 
  • Making a list of what you have already owned and deciding which needs to be replaced or which item you have not owned yet helps you to stay on track as not to buy something we don’t need or already have. For the first shop buying a set is the most convenient as everything is included but to complete or replacement, we can choose from open-stock or loose items which is widely available today.
  • Think about our cooking style, because not all of us will have the same preference in cooking. We usually have our own taste and habit when cooking and this will influence the choice of materials as well. For example, if you are a meat lover and often searing steak, a cast iron pans will facilitate an even browning but if you often do slow cooking like stews or sauces, a thick vessel such Dutch oven will be a must.
  • Choosing a material that matches the cooktop, will be an important consideration too because we may have regular hob, electric, or induction. Gas stove that produces fire is the most versatile as it can be used with any material as well as shape but, those with flat cooktop like electric or induction must use a flat vessel while the material needs to be made from steel too.
 Green LifeBlue Diamond 
Product Dimensions16.61 x 10.63 x 2.87 inches
3.11 x 10.63 x 18.31 inches
Shipping Weight1.65 pounds
1.75 pounds
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About Green Life and Blue Diamond

There is no lack of supply when it comes to cookware as every store must have lots of them already from different models, sizes, materials, brands, and fashion so you can have the greatest freedom to choose but, the best will be those that match your preference and application the most. After the popularization of non-stick coating, everyone was moving to the material but it has also been known that they are not the healthiest and safest option for cooking.

As the vessel that comes in contact with our foods and used in high heat, we have to put extra caution when choosing the cookware. Thankfully as consumers are aware of the danger, manufacturers are moving into safer options and nowadays you can find tons of healthy options with safer materials or coating but, in general they are also more expensive compared to our traditional non-stick pan or pot. Among those options, Green Life and Blue Diamond are two amazing options to shop from.

These cookware brands are probably also the most popular and what you often see on ads so it is not surprising to see the hype around their products. Green Life itself is the sister brand of Green Pan that you can check on our Green Life Vs Green Pan since they are coming from the same initial company but probably have different manufacturing facilities. The cookware from this brand is very reliable as it can be used for almost any cooking methods but also durable and safe.

What’s surprising is the fact that Blue Diamond is also made by a Cookware Company which is the owner of Green Life, Green Pan, BK, Vita+Verde, Kochstar, Food.E, and a few other cookware brands. Brand diversification is common in large companies as one of their marketing strategies but since both Green Life and Blue Diamond are made by the same parent, their qualities and overall product designs will resemble each other very much. 

Green Life and Blue Diamond Design

However, we don’t think people will mistake them for each other because they are not actually identical as well and as you can see from the sample picture above, the Green Life pan is more colorful in terms of fashion options. The sample picture above is black but you can choose other colors such as lavender , pastel green, and pink, and for a more traditional color you have red or navy blue that looks like Blue Diamond. The model we chose today is their fry pan size 10-inch which is among its best-selling.

For the Blue Diamond, we are also choosing the 10-inch frypan and even though Green Life also has a blue variant in its color collection, you can instantly tell them apart by the coating inside because the coating of BD is dark blue instead of white. Overall they look just like any fry pan and cookware out there since the design is pretty standard but the material feels light on hand yet solid as well if you will be cooking a large steak or sautéing lots of veggies in them.

Green Life and Blue Diamond Material and Coating

The first thing you may want to know about these cookware must be their materials because they are the most important to make sure we are using safe and healthy vessels that won’t give any side effects for your wellbeing. Both Green Life and Blue Diamond seem to be made from aluminum as the base material but only Green Life mention this yet, in most cases their products do have the same composition. Aluminum itself wins in terms of lightweight but also because it conducts heat properly too.  

What’s different is when you go to the outer layer because what makes Blue Diamond different from many other ceramic cookware is because the coating itself is claimed to be infused with diamond and this is what makes the coating resistant to scratch even when you are using metal cooking utensils. On the other hand, the Green Life is similar to Green Pan which uses regular ceramic coating but as many may already know, it is not the strongest against metal utensils.

Green Life and Blue Diamond Handle

The next part we want to mention is their handle because it is also an important part to consider in a cookware as we will be holding them while cooking and moving them around. Green Life products, especially the pan variant are mostly paired with the soft handle which is also heat proofed to let you hold and use them during cooking. The Blue Diamond mostly has stainless steel handles which are not 100% heat proof so they do get warm or even hot for prolonged cooking.

The pan material itself is safe for use in the oven but since it has additional covers, Green Life, especially those comes with soft handle will only sustain a heat up to 350 degree Fahrenheit as opposed to stainless steel handle which can sustain up to 850 degree Fahrenheit if you will need to finish the dish in the oven.

Green Life and Blue Diamond Clean and Care

The last part we want to talk about is how to care for Green Life and Blue Diamond. Both of them are actually dishwashers safe and if you have no time to do the dishes manually, we can always put them inside the washer but it is highly recommended to wash using mild-soap and by hand since the coating will be damaged by strong detergent for usage over time. In addition, they are only safe for low to medium heat cooking so do avoid cooking in high heat with ceramic pan.

Green Life vs Blue Diamond 

Both of these popular cookware are equally made with safe coating while the base material itself seems to be similar or made with aluminum. The difference is that Blue Diamond is also infused with diamond for the ceramic coating which is why it is able to sustain scratch yet, in our opinion it is still best to avoid using steel utensils if you want them to last long. In addition, since Green Life has a soft handle, it is not ideal for baking in higher heat than 350 degrees in which BD can sustain up to 850 degrees.

- Thermolon healthy ceramic non-stick coating manufactured without PFAS and PFOA
- Aluminum reinforced body without lead and cadmium
- Stay-cool Bakelite handle with soft-touch and oven safe up to 350°F
- Dishwasher safe
- The new non-stick standard
- Toxin free ceramic non-stick coating
- Diamond infused coating - great heat conductor and hardest natural material on earth
- Features - ceramic nonstick s effortless food release and easy cleanup; The forged base ensures extreme strength and warp control


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All in all you can pick any of them as they are good and safe cookware yet, in comparison we do prefer Blue Diamond because of its more durable coating, better heat transfer due to the diamond, and how it can be used in baking with higher heat.

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