Hoover MaxExtract 60 Vs 77

Hoover MaxExtract 60 and Hoover MaxExtract 77 are two vacuum cleaners that are somewhat similar, but there are also some significant differences you need to keep in mind when making a choice between them. The next few lines will help you decide which one is right for you by comparing the features of Hoover MaxExtract 60 vs 77.

Hoover MaxExtract 60 vs 77

Both vacuum cleaners come with a spin scrub device which works in every direction and has counter-rotating brushes. The difference is that Hoover MaxExtract 60 has sixty brushes while Hoover MaxExtract 77 has 77. However, Hoover MaxExtract 77 offers you three options to choose from – the pick up mode that provides only suction, the gentle mode which is preferable in case you need to clean a hard floor since the brushes rotate slowly and the power mode which is perfect for cleaning carpets since it provides you with intensive scrubbing.

Both Hoover MaxExtract 60 and 77 come with a special cleaning system that uses pressure and water to remove even the toughest of stains on your carpets. There is an integrated system that uses pressure and heat to help your carpets dry after cleaning them. There are separate tanks for clean and dirty water so that they do not get mixed up. However, the Hoover MaxExtract 77 has some additional features compared to the Hoover MaxExtract 60. For example, it has a special autorinse setting that allows you to wash your carpet with a detergent and then rinse it right away with clean water.

Hoover MaxExtract 60 Vs 77

Hoover MaxExtract 60Hoover MaxExtract 77

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In conclusion, Hoover MaxExtract 77 proves to be the better choice since it costs about as much as Hoover MaxExtract 60, but offers a lot more features and makes the cleaning of different types of floors as easy and efficient as it can be. Therefore, if you can afford it you should purchase Hoover MaxExtract 77 – the more versatile and functional vacuum cleaner.

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