If you are looking for the ultimate vacuum cleaner robot that is reliable for all kinds of floor surface without having to break the bank, a lot of people will certainly advise you to get ILIFE V5. It is the updated and upgraded version of the older ILIFE V3S, which was also popular some time ago. It boasts superb cleaning power and the versatility needed to take care of multiple surface types. However, you may have come across ILIFE V7 as well, which is a little bit pricier. Hence, you are perhaps questioning now, whether ILIFE V7 is better than ILIFE V5. Well, the answer depends on your preference. Below, you can read the comparisons of the two models.


While both models retain the circular shape and the white-colored outer ring, ILIFE V5’s top surface is grayish while ILIFE V7’s is distinctively dark blue. Both look modern and sophisticated. However, the V7 is slightly bulkier and heavier than the V5. The V7 has a height of 8 cm, while the V5 has a height of 7 cm. The V7 weighs 2.9 kg, while the V5 weighs 2.1 kg. ILIFE V5 certainly has the better edge in this aspect, as the slimmer physicality allows the vacuum cleaner robot to slip into narrower crevices under your furniture.

Suction Power
Despite the higher number in its name, ILIFE V7 actually has a lower suction power compared to ILIFE V5. The V7 only has a suction power of 400 Pa, whereas the V5 is able to provide a suction power of up to 600 Pa. The compromise seems to be caused by the low-noise feature of the pricier model. Nevertheless, when it comes to taking care of those fine, stubborn dust and dirt, ILIFE V5 is the one more reliable.

However, ILIFE V7 is not without advantages. It is being priced slightly higher for some reasons, for sure. As mentioned earlier, it has a low noise level. It produces noise only up to 50 dB, which makes it convenient if you hate the typically loud sound of a vacuum cleaner. It also has a longer maximum cleaning duration, up to 120–150 minutes, whereas ILIFE V5’s cleaning time is between 110–130 minutes.


Key differences- ILIFE V5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is the upgraded version of V3S, Better quality, longer using-life and more strong cleaning ability - V5 Vacuum Cleaner has a full suite of sensors to navigate, and it can work on all kinds of floor,such as wood/tile/marble/thin carpet. - V5 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner can help you clean under beds, sofas and other hard-to-reach places. - Convenient Scheduling.- ILIFE V7 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner , Better quality, longer using-life and more strong cleaning ability. - Convenient Scheduling. - V7 Vacuum Cleaner has a full suite of sensors to navigate, and it can work on all kinds of floor,such as wood/tile/marble/thin carpet

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ILIFE V7 should be your choice if you want something quiet. Otherwise, if you don’t mind some noise, ILIFE V5 can provide you a better edge in handling those stubborn fine dust and dirt.

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