Keurig Vue V500 Vs V700

Are you coffee or tea addicts? Sure, having the brewer for coffee and tea is something a must but choosing the right one is such a hard thing to do, right? Sure, comparing the products of brewer will be the best way on getting the right one, for example Keurig Vue V500 vs V700. Both of them are the well known brewer from the same brand, Keurig. Still, each of them has the different features and also technology. Perhaps, you are also confused choosing one of them, so that comparing them will be a good idea for you. However, actually, Keurig often provide the good products.

Keurig Vue V500 Vs V700

Keurig Vue V500 is actually has the lower price than the V700 even though the difference is not that significant. For the features, there are some differences. One of them is about the design, such like about the control button and display which is V500 uses black and white touch screen while the V700 uses the color touch screen. Still, both of them are easy to be controlled, set, and programmed. Actually, for the features, the differences are not that significant. However, we can see about the material which is the V500 has the better one that uses the BPA free plastic material. For V700, we could not find the exact material information of this device. For the size of the water reservoir, the V500 can hold about 74 ounces while the V700 is only sixty ounces. Another difference is that V700 provides the power cord storage while the V500 does not provide it.

Keurig Vue V500 Vs V700

Keurig Vue V500Keurig Vue V700
Key differences- BPA free black plastic construction - Fully programmable black and white touch screen - Auto on/off - Energy savings mode- Choice of eight different cup sizes - Programmable Touchscreen for Strength and Temperature control

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In summary, the choice depends on your need. If you do not care about those differences which are not really significant, you can find the cheaper one, which is mostly as we often see that the V500 is cheaper. Still, if you care about the features, you can choose the V700 one, except the water reservoir volume which is lower.

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