Lasko 2554 vs 2559

Electric fan has been used for decades by people to refresh the body in a hot room especially those who don’t used an air conditioner or just want to save more energy by not blasting its temperature. Today, you can find so many good products in the market but only some come with great performance. In our Lasko 2554 vs 2559 article this time, we will give you information regarding what you can expect from them. If one/both of them took your interest, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Lasko 2554 and Lasko 2559
– What Lasko 2554 and Lasko 2559 Look Like
– What Lasko 2554 and Lasko 2559 can offer to you
– Lasko 2554 vs Lasko 2559

About Lasko 2554
Who doesn’t want to live in place where the weather are friendly and rarely too hot or cold. But sometimes we are not able to choose where we are living and have to accept what’s present. Nowadays, many people are using air conditioner to make the temperature inside their room more comfortable but since it usually takes a lot more energy, some people also choose to make do with an electric fan. One reliable fan you can count on to is the Lasko 2554 Tower Fan. Read also: Lasko 1827 vs 1843 here.

Lasko 2554 Design
The tower fan looks indeed beautiful from the outside with its combination of grey and wood like color pattern on the front grill panel. It has a straightforward design yet still pleasant to look at. The material used for its body is plastic, which is why it is quite light at only around 10 pounds. plastic material also resist noise better, so it will be quieter than some metal fan. As you can see, the control is placed at the top of the fan conveniently.

Lasko 2554 Features
The Lasko 2554 boast its Air Ionizer feature, which most similar fans out there not. The fan is built with Fresh Air Ionizer, which will releases millions of negative ions into the air inside your room to give you a fresh air feeling just like when you are breathing freely in clean outdoors area. Since it is in tower shape, you probably wonder how it will spread airflow evenly through your room. You don’t have to worry for this fan has oscillation feature that you can activate easily.

To help you operate this electric fan easier, it comes with a remote control, which you can place below the built in carry handle at the top. This remote will help you use the fan even without having to move from your spot and disturb what you are currently doing. Most people also want to know how many speed a fan can reach when you are selecting one, well, this tower fan unfortunately only comes with 3 different speeds, which some may think not enough.

Through the remote, you can see what the fan can do. It consist of power button, speed control, oscillate function, timer, and Ionizer button. You can set the fan to turn off automatically with timer function but somehow it only let you to choose ½, 1, 2, 4, and 7 hours. In case you forget where you put the remote, a control panel located at the front top of the fan can be used instead.

About Lasko 2559
If you think the price for 2554 is too expensive and want a similarly powerful tower fan yet with a little friendlier price, you may want to take a look at Lasko 2559. These two electric fan are very similar to each other with similar capabilities but also set apart by design for those who pay attention into aesthetic. To help you creating a comfortable temperature inside your room and house, you definitely can count on this tower fan.

Lasko 2559 Design
From the outside, you can already feel that the 2559 is built in an elegant but modern concept with its dark grey, black and silver front grill. Its body is still made with the same plastic material, so it is light enough for transfer between rooms. It also won’t make too much noise when operating to let you rest peacefully. At the top, you can see its control panel featured with a few buttons as well as light to indicate the active function.

Lasko 2559 Features
Similar with 2554 model, the 2559 tower fan also comes with Fresh Air Ionizer function that will make the electric fan able to dispense lots of negative ions into the air inside your room and house, so you can experience that fresh air just like in a nature. Not only it can cool down your room but it also able to make it more comfortable for you. To spread the airflow evenly through your room, there is an oscillation function that you can activate easily using a button at the top of the fan.

To make it more convenient, Lasko 2559 also comes with remote control, so now you don’t have to get up and approach the fan to change its setting. Its remote is very simple and easy to use with very clear marks to each functions. Here you can see it has power button, speed option, oscillation function, timer setting, and Ion button. As for the speed, this tower fan only able to reach up to 3 in speed level, which may enough or not depend on the user.
To save energy, you can set the fan to turn off by itself by setting a timer. You can choose between ½, 1, 2, 4, and 7 hours but not in between or further.

Now, let’s compare Lasko 2554 with 2559. As you can see, both of them come with the same feature, so they have the same capability. What set them apart from each other is only the design because 2554 has a wood pattern while the other has a simpler silver grill. Their control panel also different with 2559 looks more modern than 2554.

Lasko 2554 vs 2559

Lasko 2554Lasko 2559
Key differences- High reaching 42.5" tower fan features 3 quiet speeds with widespread, optional oscillation for maximum air delivery and a small footprint to optimize your space - Fresh Air Ionizer option boosts air quality by emitting negative ions that reduce static electricity and trap fine air pollutants such as pollen, mold, and dust- 3 speeds let you adjust for customized comfort - Fresh air ionizer Convenient electronic timer - High-reaching tower design for maximum air delivery - Handy timer function helps you conserve energy - Widespread oscillation Carry handle

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, no matter which you pick here, the power and capabilities will remain the same, so if look doesn’t matter the only concern is only price. Depend on the seller, the price for Lasko 2559 can be more expensive for unknown reason, so if we are to choose we will recommend you the Lasko 2554 with more affordable price yet still have the similarly powerful features.

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