NuWave 20631 Vs 20632

Okay, NuWave ovens are indeed awesome. These products have been made for easy usage and powerful cooking performance. They are also multi-function, featuring several different working modes and features that allow you to handle different dishes. However, you are now most probably confused in choosing between NuWave 20631 and NuWave 20632. These two models are both labeled as NuWave Pro Plus ovens. Yet, they are not the same, aren’t they?


If you put NuWave 20631 and NuWave 20632 next to each other, you can immediately see that NuWave 20632 is taller and bulkier than NuWave 20631. The most contributing factor to this difference is, of course, the capacity. NuWave 20632 has a considerably bigger capacity than NuWave 20631. NuWave 20632 is able to cook up to 16 lb turkey or 14 lb ham. On the other hand, NuWave 20631 can only cook up to 10 lb turkey. In addition, NuWave 20631 comes with a transparent glass construction that allows you to see the food inside easily. NuWave 20632 features an orange transparent glass construction with a stainless steel extender ring. While it still allows you to see and monitor the food inside, the orange tint may somehow make it a little bit more difficult to see the color change of the food.

NuWave 20632 has a wider range of temperature adjustment, from 100 up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. It can cook at higher temperatures than NuWave 20631, which has 107-342 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range. Both models also come with the Warm, Reheat, and Delay settings. With the Delay Timer, you can set the oven to start cooking at a specific time that you select. Since it is able to reach higher temperature levels, NuWave 20632 can indeed cook faster. It is able to cook 70% faster than a standard oven. As a comparison, NuWave 20631 cooks ‘only’ 50% faster than a standard oven. Nevertheless, NuWave 20631 has a slightly better energy consumption. NuWave 20631 consumes 85% less energy than standard ovens whereas NuWave 20632 consumes 75% less energy than standard ovens. Either way, both models are much more efficient and allow you to save some electricity power compared to if you are using a regular oven!

NuWave 20631 Vs 20632

NuWave 20631NuWave 20632
Key differences- 85% less energy & 50% faster cooking than a standard oven - Temperature range of 107˚F - 342˚F - 10 power levels - Cooks up to a 10 lb turkey - Reversible 1" / 4" cooking rack- Infrared, Conduction & Convection cooking - 75% less energy & 70% faster cooking than a standard oven - Warm," "Reheat" & "Delay" settings and defaults to 155 Degree for 2 hours - Delay Timer begins cooking at the time you select

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In general, NuWave 20632 makes the best way to go! It has a bigger capacity, allowing you to cook larger foods with ease. It can also cook faster with higher temperature levels.

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