NuWave Brio Vs Instant Vortex

We love fried foods because they are delicious but, they are also high in calories and not the best to have often yet, worry not because we can use air fryer like NuWave Brio Vs Instant Vortex as an alternative to cook with less oils and still produce a crispy, tender result. These are affordable brands for many to have in their kitchen and since they are also very similar, do check below about what each one of them can offer so then we can shop quickly.

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  • NuWave Brio Vs Instant Vortex

Kitchen Appliance

As a living human, we can’t live for long without nourishing our body because it is what keeps us alive and active, such as thinking, walking and writing this article. Food is a very important part of our life that main function is to keep us alive and strive, which means it also becomes a part of us that makes the phrase “you are what you eat” true in the essence. Since the food is used by our body for various purposes, it is best to carefully choose what we put in our body as well.

To make sure we are eating the foods that will support our body and sustaining it while nourishing as well, cooking at home is a good first step for a better lifestyle. Cooking can be a hobby and a chore at the same time but because you can craft meals from scratch, we can be more mindful about what we and our family eat, especially if you have some health concerns to address. With the help of numerous kitchen appliances, cooking can be a fun activity too.

NuWave BrioInstant Vortex
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For those starting to live alone or planning to supply their kitchen with useful appliances, there are various electronics we love to have around and not just because they look great in your kitchen but also because they are very useful.

Microwave oven, this is a must have for every kitchen because they are very versatile. We can’t imagine how long it will take to heat up foods or beverages without this tiny appliance and the fact that everyone can use them due to the simplicity, is making them a great addition to your cooking space. With only one appliance, we can make various dishes from curies, lasagna, grill veggies, and even cake or cookies.

Electric Cooktop is probably not on everyone’s list but they are still a good option over the gas stove. We personally have used gas for so long and not only do they require routine maintenance but also need to be cleaned every so often due to food bits and liquid or oils that may spill or stuck in between the grill. Electric cooktop on the other hand is easy to clean, convenient, and compact even in a small apartment kitchen.

Air Fryer is another amazing appliance to have in your kitchen and this is actually our current favorite in terms of convenient. This is similar to your convection oven but comes in a much smaller form, making them great for cooking anything frozen such as French fries and nuggets, or fish sticks. They are also ideal for baking and similar cooking processes so if you love fried foods but want to reduce the usage of cooking oil, this is a perfect appliance to have.

About NuWave Brio and Instant Vortex

If you are here then we are sure that the last appliance caught your attention as well and this is actually a very popular option in modern households especially among people who love fried foods or overall just want to get the convenience. In the past they were only used for commercial purposes since convection ovens usually have a large capacity but after Philips popularized their air fryers, now almost all electronic or kitchen appliance brands have at least one model in their catalog.

More popular names are often expensive and this is probably what makes some people shy away from using an air fryer but, there are plenty of options to choose from in almost any budget range as long as we can spare some time to browse through them and among those, NuWave and Instant Pot are two ideal choices to consider. You may be familiar with NuWave for its tabletop oven and the latter as a go-to whenever we look for a multi cooker but they also have air fryers in the catalog.

These air fryers are more affordable than many other popular names but worry not because they work and offer the same functionalities as well. NuWave Brio and Instant Vortex are two models from their air fryer range which boast ease of use, convenience, as well as modern setup to familiarize everyone into this healthier cooking method. For the capacity, they may have different sizes but today we are going to check their larger 6 quart model which should be enough for a regular family.

These air fryers are just like any other similar models out there and the basic function is to air fry your ingredients with or without oils. Rather than direct heat with oils, the ingredients are heated through the air in their cooking chamber. NuWave Brio and Instant Vortex are very much the same in terms of capabilities but one may be more convenient or offer some new features to make them more useful. Read also: Ninja OP301 Vs OP302 here.

NuWave Brio and Instant Vortex Design

Air fryer itself has been around for quite some time already but the design doesn’t change much. As you can see, both of these models also come in a compact, tabletop box that can be placed almost in any type of kitchen. The size follows capacity and these 6 quarts are about the same size of your espresso machine to not occupy too much space. Instead of oval, NuWave Brio and Instant Vortex are rectangles with rounded corners with the latter has this brushed, matte finish.

In comparison, we prefer a non-glossy finish for any kitchen appliance just to minimize the dirt that may get stuck or fingerprints. They have the same mechanism so we have to pull the cooking chamber using a handle at the front while the tray inside can be removed or changed depending on what you cook. The control panel is located at the front or top and these are digital buttons with a small screen to show their basic information.

NuWave Brio and Instant Vortex Time and Temperature

When looking for any cooking appliance, we suggest to consider their temperature and cooking time first because different models often come with different heat and time range which may affect your cooking process later. For NuWave Brio, this model is capable of cooking up to 400 degree Fahrenheit, the same with Instant Vortex but, you can cook as long as 16 hours in a temperature up to 345 degree while the Vortex allow you to cook up to 1 hour in a temperature up to 400 degree Fahrenheit.

NuWave Brio and Instant Vortex Cooking Menu

Air fryers are very simple to use and usually all preset functions will ease or cut your time and temperature selecting process as they have an automatic timer and heat settings. In NuWave Brio, there is a Menu button which toggle the cooking mode among Fries, Frozen fries, Nuggets, Steak, Poultry, Fish, and Steak. It also comes with a preheat and reheat button to simplify your cooking. We can also pause the cooking to flip your ingredients over in order to cook more evenly.

On Vortex, the cooking menu is much less because we only get roast and bake besides the standard air fry and reheat function. If you get the Vortex Plus, the air fryer will come with Broil and Dehydrate function as well which allows your appliance to cook up to 72 hours in Dehydrate function with a temperature range up to 175 degree Fahrenheit.

NuWave Brio and Instant Vortex Performance 

When it comes to performance, both NuWave Brio and Instant Vortex are very reliable. They are easy to use and a quick read of their manual will let you know about what they can do. Personally, cooking with Brio is more convenient than Vortex because it has many built-in or preset menus, especially the preheat function so we can just press and let it heat up for a few minutes before inserting the ingredients.

Temperature and cooking times are all adjustable depending on what menu we chose before so it is better to remember or put the manual in an accessible place for when we need to check how long or how hot the fryer can cook in certain mode. The result seems to be similar however but for more crisp, it is highly recommended to spray some cooking oil on your ingredients before starting cooking.

NuWave Brio Vs Instant Vortex

Both of them are a great choice for those who want to cook with less oils. Their results are the same to many other air fryers and they do have the same highest heat as well while Brio can cook much longer than Vortex as long as the temperature is kept lower. What makes Brio better in our opinion is their convenient functions which makes the cooking process faster or easier.

- Enjoy fried food again without all the unhealthy fat and oil
- Bake, roast, grill, broil, toast and air fry a wide variety of foods using little to no oil
- 3-quart capacity allows you and your family to have wholesome meals without having to compromise your countertop space
- Pre-heat function enables you to get to the perfect cooking temperature prior to starting for perfect cooking results every time
- Easy: Simple touch controls are easy to read and easy to use, for one touch air frying, roasting, baking and reheating with no hassle and no mess
- Healthy: Quick and tasty meals using 95 % less oil and fat than deep frying
- Save space: The vortex air fryer comes with 4 built in smart programs in 1 appliance (air fry, roast, bake and reheat) you can say sayonara to kitchen clutter
- Save time: With little to no preheating time, whip up dinner in half the time of a conventional oven without heating up the whole kitchen


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All in all it is best to go for which seems to benefit you the most but if we have to choose, NuWave Brio is a great choice because it comes with more presets of menus while also able to cook for longer time in case you need to process something more than an hour.


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