Nuwave Brio vs Ninja Air Fryers

Air fryers are a kitchen appliance that may reduce the risk of some lifestyle and poor diet illness because they can reduce the consumption of oil, especially vegetable oils, in a large amount. There are so many air fryers out there such as these Nuwave Brio Vs Ninja Air Fryers that will help you cook delicious fried food without bathing them in hot oils. If these models attract your attention, here is some information regarding what they can offer to you.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What are the Health Risk of Fried Food
  • What are Nuwave Brio and Ninja Air Fryer
  • What Nuwave Brio and Ninja Air Fryer Look Like
  • How are the Temperature Range of Nuwave Brio and Ninja Air Fryer
  • What Menu do Nuwave Brio and Ninja Air Fryer Have
  • How are the Performance of Nuwave Brio and Ninja Air Fryer
  • What are the Accessories Included in Nuwave Brio and Ninja Air Fryer 
  • Nuwave Brio Vs Ninja Air Fryer

Fried Food and Health Risks

We love delicious foods and while people’s taste can be very different and varying greatly which is also affected by various factors such as their living place and what they are used to, we are sure most people love fried foods. This cooking method is very popular and has been used all around the world to process ingredients both plant base and animal base. While they are incredibly tasty and satisfying to eat, having them everyday or often is not something we should do.

High in Calories is the first reason why we have to avoid fried foods or deep fried foods especially if a lean and slim body is what you are aiming for. It is also well-known that fried foods are not recommended for people who are currently dieting because in most cases the ingredients which may already be high in calories to begin with are added with batter to coat it and flour to create those satisfying crispy texture. This batter when dipped in hot oil will absorb it hence more added calories.

In general, fried foods will have higher calories than the same ingredients cooked using different methods such as one small 100 grams of baked potato only has 93 calories with 0 grams fat while with the same amount of French fries contains 319 calories and 17 grams fat.

 Nuwave BrioNinja Air Fryers
Product Dimensions11 x 8 x 13 inches
13.6 x 11 x 13.3 inches
Shipping Weight8.01 pounds
4.9 pounds
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Trans Fat is the second main reason why we want to avoid deep fried food because food manufacturers often hydrogenated fats using high pressure and hydrogen gas to increase shelf life and stability. They occur when oils are heated into a very high temperature as well during cooking and this process did change the chemical structure of fats which makes them difficult for the body to break down and this can lead to negative health effects. 

Increased Risk of Disease is something we want to avoid at all costs because no one wants to suffer from health problems. The most common risks closely related to fried foods is contribution to high blood pressure, low good cholesterol level, and even obesity. There are two large observational studies that found the more often we eat fried foods, the higher the risk of developing heart disease. Another one found that women who eat one or more servings of fried fish per week have a greater risk of heart failure.

Diabetes is also one of the most common disease related to fried foods because studies also found those who ate fried foods more than two times a week as fast foods is known to contain lots of fried ingredients, have higher risk to suffer from type 2 diabetes and will likely develop insulin resistance, twice higher than those who ate it once a week.

About Nuwave Brio and Ninja Air Fryer

With these health risks, many are keeping themselves from eating fried foods for the rest of their life but they are too delicious to not have. We love those crunchy noises and dry texture which taste great when dipped into your favorite sauce yet, the health risk is too scary. But, worry not because there is another cooking method that will give you a similar result to deep frying and without the bad impacts of consuming much oil with its high calorie or trans-fat.

The cooking method is by using air fryers which have become very popular in the last several years due to its benefit to reduce the consumption and usage of vegetable oils in cooking. There used to be only industrial air fryers in the past but Philips popularized this cooking appliance and now you can find lots of other brands such as from Nuwave and Ninja. These are very well-known kitchen appliance brands which some may already present in your home such as an oven or coffee maker.

Nuwave is very popular with their tabletop transparent ovens such as the Nuwave 20631 Vs 20632 while Ninja is known for their coffee maker. We do love their products and since they also have air fryers, let’s see what their favorite models can offer. Nuwave Brio and Ninja Air Fryer are amazing additions in your kitchen especially if you are cooking or eating fried food often and trying to substitute with a healthier option. In general they are able to do the same cooking process but may be slightly different.

Both of them are good air fryers and will help you cook various ingredients and even doing more than just “frying” because air fryers are very versatile in application. Nuwave Brio and Ninja Air Fryer are very affordable as well so we don’t have to think much when bringing them home. We do think no matter which fryer you choose, what we can do on the unit will be the same for most users.

Nuwave Brio and Ninja Air Fryer Design

Somehow air fryers are looking like each other in most cases but it is not with Ninja’s because they choose to tweak the shape a little bit and resulting in the appliance to look slightly tall and more streamlined than common fryers out there. Nuwave is using the more traditional approach with this oval and short cube that looks like the early air fryers. For the size they are available in various different capacities such as 3, 6, or 12 quarts and for the sample today we are choosing the 3qt Nuwave and 4qt Ninja.

While the form factor and design is different, Nuwave Brio and Ninja Air Fryer are still using the traditional system of air fryer and similarly, the main chamber or frying room is accessed through a slider compartment that can be taken out of the main unit. In a glance they look like a multi cooker with a digital control panel at the half top and a small screen in the middle to view their menu or options.

Nuwave Brio and Ninja Air Fryer Temperature

Just like when buying an oven, the first thing you may want to know is probably how high they can cook and the air fryer is the same, they generate heat to cook your foods and different models usually have different low and maximum levels as well. As for Nuwave Brio and Ninja Air Fryer, they are capable of cooking from 100F to 390F compared to 105F to 400F which means you can adjust the level to follow what ingredients are being cooked but, for Nuwave the preset heat is at 360F automatically.

Before cooking, we need to preheat the fryer first just like with an oven but you may skip it as well if preferred. Usually the preheat time is 3 minutes but Nuwave has this feature conveniently through a button so we can just press it and the appliance will preheat while Ninja requires you to do the preheat manually when needed. 

Nuwave Brio and Ninja Air Fryer Menu

The next part we want to talk about is the built-in menu because Nuwave Brio and Ninja Air Fryer carry some cooking options to ease users when creating their meals. In Ninja you can choose from the preset cooking setting which is air frying itself, reheating, roasting, and dehydrating. We can do all of them in Nuwave as well but we may have to tweak the setting more since what Ninja did is adding preset temperatures that also can be tweaked.

Nuwave Brio and Ninja Air Fryer Performance

When it comes to performance, Nuwave Brio and Ninja Air Fryer are very reliable. They are very easy to use so just a quick read on the manual will let you know what to cook on the fryer and how to set up the cooking. Personally we do think they are equally convenient but the capacity is crucial here since you won’t fit as much with 3 or 4 quart thus, for families we suggest to choose the larger options. 

The result of these fryers are not 100% identical to deep frying method but the outer layer is very crispy and dry while the inside is soft and tender. We usually cook nuggets, French fries, or fish sticks using these fryers but you can make spicy chicken wings or chicken strips as well.

Nuwave Brio and Ninja Air Fryer Accessories

The last part is what comes in the box and in this part you will need various accessories to use with these air fryers because the cooking we can do with only the basic accessories may not be able to optimize what you want to cook. Nuwave doesn’t have anything in the box except the unit and basic tray itself so we have to get the accessories kit but Ninja is more generous as it gave few in the box including rack and crisper plate. 

Nuwave Brio vs Ninja Air Fryers

These affordable air fryers are great additions for your kitchen and they are in general very similar to each other yet for this comparison Ninja is slightly bigger so those who cook more or live with a partner will love the 4 quart capacity. It also has a higher temperature setting to cook various different ingredients. Another difference is Nuwave has a preheat button to simplify the preheating step.

- Air Frying - The Healthier Way: Makes scrumptious fried foods that taste the way they should, without the oily mess
- Even Heat Distribution: Hot air combined with high-speed air circulation cooks your favorite foods evenly and quickly
- Temperature Control: 100F to 390F temperature range in five-degree increments
- Digital “touch-pad” LED controls ensures precise temperature and time
- Wide temperature range: 105 degree Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit allows you to gently remove moisture from foods or quickly cook and crisp foods with convection heat
- 4 quart ceramic coated nonstick basket and crisper plate fit 2 pounds of French fries. Cord length (ft.)- 2.6
- The unit will need time to preheat before coming up to temperature. We recommend that you preheat the unit for 3 minutes before adding your ingredients to achieve the best results
- Dehydrate: Create flat, chip like dehydrated foods for fun, homemade snacks pounds; The combination of low fan speed and low temperature enables thorough dehydration


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You can choose any of these air fryers for they are equally good but in between the two we will get the 4 quart Ninja air fryer because its capacity is ideal for small families, it has the accessories as well as higher temperature helps cooking ingredients faster.

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