NuWave Brio vs Philips Airfryer

Air fryers are a very useful cooking appliance to have in your kitchen and in general they are just like a mini version of your microwave or oven yet, very convenient. There are various brands offering the appliance such as the popular NuWave Brio Vs Philips Airfryer which in general are pretty much the same to each other but, there might be some differences as well and before deciding which to choose, see what these air fryers can offer to shop quickly.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

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  • What are NuWave Brio and Philips Airfryer
  • What NuWave Brio and Philips Airfryer Look Like
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  • What else NuWave Brio and Philips Airfryer can offer
  • How to Use NuWave Brio and Philips Airfryer
  • NuWave Brio Vs Philips Airfryer

Air Fryer

Cooking at home is very beneficial because we can craft the meal to meets our diet preference and it is easier as well to see what we put in our body compared to buying take outs or eating fast food meals which is actually fine once in a while but is not something we will want to do everyday if a fit body is what you are aiming for. We are what we eat may sound cheesy but it is true as our body needs the nourishment to strive.

With a poor diet, not only increased risk of some illness but it can reflect to the outside as well especially on skin and hair. One of the reasons why people prefer take out and fast food is for convenience and we can’t argue with that because they are indeed fast and “convenient” but, the toll in our body will slowly become visible such as excessive weight gain and for some people they may see a change in their skin condition as well.

Fried food is a very popular dish and they are enjoyed all over the world because of how satisfying their texture is. Fried foods need oil to cook and this oil makes them crispy or dry on the outside while keeping the moisture inside. Most people love fried foods or consuming them almost everyday but, there have been so many studies indicating that eating fried foods will lead to various health problems yet, many of us are still having them too often.

 NuWave BrioPhilips Airfryer
Product Dimensions11 x 8 x 13 inches
11.3 x 12.4 x 15.12 inches
Shipping Weight8.01 pounds
15 pounds
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If you are one of us who love deep fried foods and its texture or just how convenient the cooking method is, moving to an air fryer sounds like a wise decision. This cooking appliance has been around for quite some time and while not every kitchen has one, they will be a great replacement over your old frying method. As the name suggests, an air fryer is a cooking method using air and as you can expect, it means hot air.

For those with convection must be familiar with this cooking method because the concept is the same as an air fryer. This cooking method cuts the usage of oils and reduces the amount of calories in each serving because we use very little amount of oil when cooking with them. You can cook with or without oil but most people who want the crisp texture will spray some type of vegetable oils before cooking their foods yet, compared to dipping them in hot oil, this is much healthier. 

About NuWave Brio and Philips Airfryer

Air fryers were first used in commercial settings which are convection ovens but not all of us are living with a huge family to actually buy or own a convection oven, especially if you rarely bake as well. The new appliance is simplifying this older kitchen essential and making them more modern, ideal to be used by single or small families as well as easier to use and operate. Their convenience is something we love about air fryers as well.

The appliance itself used to only be available from very few brands but today almost all kitchen appliance companies have their own air fryer and this is great because now we can choose more freely with the vast collection of models, sizes, and specialties. You can find reliable options from NuWave and Philips as well as from other brands like Ninja in which the unit we have been talking about in NuWave Brio Vs Ninja Air Fryer. Personally we like well-known names because they are more trusted with the quality and service.

Philips itself is the one who popularized this kitchen appliance so most people will be very familiar with their product while NuWave is a nice alternative if you want to save some because they are more affordable. For those who want to cut their consumption of fried foods or vegetable oil in specific as well as doing a healthier diet but still want to eat foods made with this convenient method, NuWave Brio and Philips Airfryer will be two amazing options to consider.

The reason why people love them is because they perform really well and while they do able to cook very deliciously, we have to set our expectation properly first since if what you look for is amazing crisp and crunch like those battered chicken or chips then this is not achievable with hot air and a little bit of oil only. These two can “air-fry” the ingredients and give dry texture but are not ideal for heavily battered dishes.

NuWave Brio and Philips Airfryer Design

When you see air fryers, chances are they look fairly similar to each other and yes, this includes both NuWave Brio and Philips Airfryer. The original or first Philips airfryer is round and has silver or metal finish but now they are mostly made with plastic and have this simplistic black, glossy finish. The round or tear-drop shape is very pretty and we love the aesthetic but compared to many others including NuWave, we also think that Phillips have the cleanest appearance.

NuWave on the other hand has a rectangle bottom and round edges but the material itself is still plastic and has the same black, glossy finish just like any air fryers out there. They have a large handle at the front that opens an access to their cooking chamber and there is a compartment inside as well that can be taken out and cleaned. Unlike NuWave Brio, the original Philips air fryer doesn’t have a digital control so we only need to use the rotating knob.

NuWave Brio and Philips Airfryer Cooking Time and Temperature

Moving further, let’s see what these cooking appliances can offer and starting with the most important temperature option or range, both NuWave Brio and Philips Airfryer are offering a range of temperatures to let you cook different ingredients and in different styles that you prefer. For Brio the lowest temperature is 100 degree Fahrenheit while the highest cooking temperature is 390 degree Fahrenheit and the increment is 5 degree through the control panel. On Philips, the cooking time is starting from 180 degree but the same up to 390 degree Fahrenheit as well. 

For the cooking time however, the Brio will allow you to cook at the lowest temperature of 100 to 345 degree Fahrenheit up to 99 hours and 59 minutes while the maximum setting can only be used up to one hour. For this Philips original airfryer, you can only cook up to 30 minutes since the rotating knob top at this spot but, you can adjust it more if choosing the digital version which is more expensive as well.

NuWave Brio and Philips Airfryer Feature

The perks of having a digital control panel is they usually have a convenience function and for NuWave it is the preheat button because many recipes require the appliance to preheat first. We can do it manually by setting up the timer at around 5 minutes but NuWave has the button to execute the function, making it more convenient. This model also has a pause function when you need to flip or check the food inside so we don’t waste cooking time and this again the benefit of having a digital control panel.

NuWave Brio and Philips Airfryer Performance 

In result, we do think both NuWave Brio and Philips Airfryer are working very well. They are very simple to use so everyone can understand how to cook with these appliances just by reading the manual once or twice. The results are very nice especially if you spray some oils first before cooking to add those crisp but without oils they are only dry and not crunchy. They can be used to cook various ingredients from spicy wings or fried chicken to crab cakes or anything that comes frozen.

Cooking With NuWave Brio and Philips Airfryer Cooking 

While they have different control, the cooking steps are the same. First we may want to preheat these appliances first at about 5 minutes before putting the ingredient and after arranging the item, put the basket in and decide the temperature as well as cooking time based on what we cook; NuWave has several information for each ingredient printed on the unit for guide. After the cooking time ends we can open the container or if preferred rearrange the food again mid-cooking for the best result.

NuWave Brio vs Philips Airfryer

These appliance are amazing as they can cook food quickly yet conveniently depending on what do you want to have but, Brio is indeed better for the budget because it is cheaper, has good capacity and comes with longer cooking time as well as lower cooking temperature for delicate ingredients that need lower heat yet, the digital version of Philips Airfryer may also offer the same convenient just in more expensive price point.

- Air Frying - The Healthier Way: Makes scrumptious fried foods that taste the way they should, without the oily mess
- Even Heat Distribution: Hot air combined with high-speed air circulation cooks your favorite foods evenly and quickly
- Temperature Control: 100F to 390F temperature range in five-degree increments
- Digital “touch-pad” LED controls ensures precise temperature and time
- 30-minute timer with ready signal and auto shut-off
- Dishwasher-safe parts for a quick and easy clean up
- 1.8lb cooking basket capacity
- Recipe booklet with more than 25 delicious recipes created exclusively for the Philips Airfryer

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You can choose any of them as there is no bad option between the two yet, in comparison we do recommend Brio especially if you want to keep the budget low since this model is already working well and convenient without the hefty price.

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