Nuwave vs Power Air Fryer

As people are getting more concern about their health, new technology like Air Fryer are being popularly used to replace the traditional and unhealthy cooking method. Among those many Air Fryer appliance available in the market today, we are going to compare the famous Nuwave Air Fryer and Power Air Fryer to help you decide which one to purchase.

In this article we will give you information about:
– The risk of consuming Deep Fried Food
– What is Nuwave Air Fryer and Power Air Fryer
– Nuwave Air Fryer vs Power Air Fryer

Deep Fried Bad Effects
We know that consuming deep fried foods are not good to the body. Leah Cahill, an author and an assistant professor at Dalhousie University Canada said that fried foods might affect and enhance the risk of disease, such as obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol because the process of frying food will alter the quality and increase the caloric content of food. Moreover the fried food that people often eaten in restaurants are often cooked in hydrogenated oils, which is known to be high in trans fats and definitely bad for health.

About Nuwave Air Fryer
Nuwave air fryer is a healthy option for those who want to shift to healthier lifestyle. Nuwave Brio air fryer is able to cook foods that commonly cooked by deep-frying and baking method. Nuwave has about three variant in their Air Fryer cooking appliance. All the three of them are differ slightly by their appearance and the size of their removable fry basket inside. The most popular and commonly purchase in the line is the three litter version. This amount is fairly enough when used to prepare meal for a small family. However if it is not big enough for you, there is also the six quarts Nuwave Air Fryer to opt.

Nuwave Air Fryer is produced by the Nuwave, which can be considered as a fairly new company, since it only founded in the early 1990s. The company is famous for their revolutionary ovens, which is the Countertop Infrared Oven that was previously reviewed here in Nuwave Oven Elite vs Pro.

Nuwave Air Fryer Features
At the outer case of Nuwave Air Fryer, you can find a digital display and digital LED controls. These controls will ensure you to get the right settings and consistent results at the every step of the process. The LED controls consist of On/Off function, Start/Pause function, Easy Start button, Pre-heat function, and time & temperature selection. When not in use the display will show “0”.

In the 6 quarts model, the Nuwave Air Fryer can be accurately control from 100°C to 300°C. With the capacity of 6 quarts, you don’t have to repeat the process of making food to provide for larger family. The Air Fryer can also be set to cook food in certain period of time, so you can leave the appliance unattended without the worry of overcooking your food.

About Power Air Fryer
Power Air Fryer is said to be one of the best Air Fryer available in the market. For those who considered about their health, this appliance will provide you with healthy and tasty food. The item was brought to you by Tristar products and promoted by Eric Theiss, an author, expert, former chef and a restaurant owner. The Tristarcompany is indeed have some “not so good reputation”, since more than 20 consumer complaint on their previous product the Power Pressure Cooker.

Power Air Fryer Features
In the unit you will find a one touch digital panel that used to select between different cooking methods easily, without having to fiddle with complicated settings. The temperature can reach up to 400oC and powered with 1700 watts. The basket inside the unit is easy to remove and have a non-stick coating and able to cook in a defined period of time, so you can leave your food at ease without worrying you will end up overcooking them. Using the Power Air Fryer, you will be able to cook food in certain temperature in certain period of time, when the time is over; the appliance will turn off automatically. See here for the video review.

The Power Air Fryer works by using rapid technology to cook food healthier than common oil frying them. Using this technology, the superheated cyclonic air will fry the food without using any oil, so you will be able to get healthier food without additional calories added. The company claims that cooking food with Power Air Fryer will lessen the calories by 80% compare to traditional cooking.

The appliance also comes with different settings of temperature for each different cooking method, such as grilling, frying, steaming, baking, sauteing and roasting. The Power Air Fryer is able to cook many kinds of foods. For example fried chicken, French fries, desserts, fish sticks, chicken tenders and many more.

Nuwave vs Power Air Fryer

Nuwave Air FryerPower Air Fryer
BrandNuwavePower Air Fryer XL
Key differences- Extra large 6-quart capacity for convenience - Accurate temperature control from 100-300 degrees - Adjust temperature in 5 degree increments - Advanced touch screen display - Digital timer with built-in automatic shutoff- 6-in-1 Cooking Features - Rapid Air Technology- Roast, Air Fry, Bake, Steam, Sauté, and Grill - Digital easy one touch panel- one touch settings make cooking a breeze - Uses no or less oil- Cook healthy without butters or oils

Customer Ratings*4.2 out of 5 stars4.1 out of 5 stars
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As you can see above, both of Nuwave Air Fryer and Power Air Fryer is equally good. Their range of price is also similar. However you might find the cost range differently depend on the capacity of the appliance. If you have bigger family that consist of more than 5 people, we will recommend you the Nuwave Air Fryer, since it available in slightly bigger capacity than the Power Air Fryer.

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