Oppo BDP-103 Vs 105

OPPO electronics co-operation creates outstanding products and has become to be appreciated all over the world for their great creation. The Oppo BDP-103 and the Oppo BDP-105 are some of the creations of the company. Though these products have almost similar functionality each has their outstanding characteristics, and by reviewing them one can easily pick the one that compliments their lifestyle. There are each created and improved to suit what different peoples want.

Oppo BDP-103 Vs 105

The two products have HDMI ports, but the Oppo BDP-105 top-notch audio circuit with the presence of three audio inputs. This enables the user of the Oppo BDP-105 to have the opportunity of using the amplifiers and create the needed audio ambiance. The Oppo BDP-105 can be controlled by the use of an application downloaded from the Oppo website and installed in the phone or laptop; this enables the user to control the appliance without necessarily coming into contact with it. The Oppo BDP-103 has no connection whereby one can use an application to control it, thus can only be controlled by the use of the remote or manually.

When it comes to wireless connectivity, which are what most people in the present world tend to look for in electronic appliances. The Oppo BDP-10 lacks in-built wireless connectivity, but with the presence of the USB port and cable it can be connected. The Oppo BDP-105 does have inbuilt wireless connectivity and thus enables the user to get access other media and also the use of wireless headphones for personal use can come into play.

Oppo BDP-103 Vs 105

Oppo BDP-103Oppo BDP-105
BrandOPPO DigitalOPPO Digital
Key differences- Dual-core processor provides quick startup and fast loading times; Updated Qdeo Video Processor - Netflix, Vudu, Pandora, YouTube, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, 7.1-Channel Analog, Coaxial/Optical- SABRE32 Reference Audio DAC, Headphone Amplifier, USB DAC input, Toroidal Power Supply, 2.0/5.1/7.1 and XLR outputs - Faster startup and disc loading speed with dual-core processor; Updated Qdeo Video Processor; Internet Streaming

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In conclusion, in the battle of Oppo BDP-103 Vs 105 the Oppo BDP-105 certainly seems to be the better of the two. It is seen to have better and improved features as compared to the Oppo BDP-103. Though Oppo BDP-105 is surely more expensive, it is surely worth its price.

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