Power XL Air Fryer vs Instant Vortex 

The technology of cooking devices has produced various cooking equipment with a better and healthier result. One of these invention is reflected through the air fryer device. This cooking device provides many advantages for its consumers, including less fat and a very small amount of cooking oil to use. This innovation leads to various air fryer brand in the market.

Among those favorite brands, some of them listed are Power XL Air Fryer VS Instant Vortex. Both claim to produce healthier fry food with some excellent supporting features. If you interest to buy an air fryer for your private use at home, it will be better to check on the following overview so that you will able to make the best selection from Power XL Air Fryer VS Instant Vortex.

About Power XL Air Fryer

The first brand to review is Power XL Air Fryer. It is a US brand that has been in the market for the last several years brought by Eric Theiss, a culinary expert from New Jersey. Eric starts his path by opening his bar and dining restaurant. Later on, he decided to bring his kitchen appliances and successfully works with it. Read also: Instant Vortex vs Vortex Plus.

Some of the products that brought by this culinary expert including air fryers, grills, and juicers. The air fryer products consist of grill air fryer and vortex air fryer. One of them is Power XL Air Fryer which available in various types. Most of these types developed with several great features as listed below:

  • Capacity available from 2, 3, 5, or 7 quarts.
  • Consists of various pre-programmed settings: Fries, Chicken, Shrimp, Cake, Steak, Bake, Fish, Dehydrate, Reheat, Roast, and Pizza.
  • Power input from 1000W up to 1700W.
  • Min/Max Temperature starts from 180–400° F.
  • Panel Type using LED Touch Panel.
  • Consists of overall Dishwasher-Safe Parts.
  • Product dimensions varies from 10.3” (D) x 8.0” (W) x 12.2” (H) up to 15.7” (D) x 12.5” (W) x 14.4” (H).
  • Power Cord Length size is 48″.
  • Completed with the frying tray and recipe books.
  • Includes 60 days of money-back guarantee supported with 12 months of replacement warranty.
Power XL Air Fryer Instant Vortex 
Product Dimensions15.9 x 14 x 13.8 inches
20.2 x 15.7 x 15.1 inches
Shipping Weight16.1 pounds
20.4 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Instant Vortex Air Fryer

Instant Vortex has started its development in various cooking ware since 2009 in the US. The first product was concerned with the smart cooking ware using instant pot. This year, Instant brand produced many series of products, with head office in Canada. One of the products is the air fryer, which consists of several types, Vortex, Vortex Mini, and Vortex Plus. Instant Vortex is the basic type of air fryer from the Instant brand. This basic air fryer provides several excellent features for its consumer including the following lists:

  • Provides with 6 quarts’ size.
  • Overall dimension 31.4L x 37.9W x 32.6H with 5.48kg weight.
  • Provided with 1500-watt maximum electricity draw.
  • Includes with cooking tray.
  • Includes a 4 in 1 cooking method that capable to fry, roast, bake and reheat.
  • Black heat-resistant plastic housing exterior complete with a bright LED display which easy to read.
  • Includes 12 months of warranty.
  • Easy to use, easy to clean material, and convenient technology.
  • ETL certificate with 4lbs capacity. Suitable to cook for the entire family member.

Power XL Air Fryer vs Instant Vortex

After reading the above specifications and features, it is now a time to conclude in each strength and weakness of both products. Refer to the above paragraphs, it can list that each product has the following concern to compare.

  • In terms of quarts’ size, Power XL available in various series to select according to the needs of each user. The brand is available starting from 2 quarts up to 7 quarts. Where Instant Vortex only available in one type, a 6 quarts’ series. Therefore, those who need a smaller size will be suitable to choose Power XL.
  • The setting program of Power XL is more complete than Instant Vortex. It can be seen that Power XL provides up to 10 pre-setting for the user, while Instant Vortex only provides 4 settings. It means that the overall capability of Power XL can be varied for many purposes.
  • Consume watts on Power XL varies according to the number of quarts selected.
  • Power XL provides 60 days of money-back guarantee and a replacement warranty for up to 12 months. This might more valuable offer than Instant Vortex that has no money-back guarantee at all.


The next concern that might necessary for most consumers is the total price of the product. For information, Instant Vortex is available in the market with a price of $100. While Power XL Air Fryer is available from as low as $60 for its 2 quarts, up to as high as $130 for its 7 quarts. Therefore, the total price and cost to pay will vary according to the needs of each person. But for a similar comparison, the total price of both products, Power XL Air Fryer VS Instant Vortex, is pretty much at the same level.

- The Power Air Fryer XL surrounds your food with Turbo Cyclonic Air instead of oil
- Your meals are cooked in a whirlwind of superheated air, not oil or lard
- That means any of your favorite fast foods can be made with fewer calories from added cooking fat/oil, without sacrificing taste
- You get the same, crispy fried taste & texture you love
- Air fryers give you all the flavor of deep-fried cooking, without the oil and mess. Get crispy on the outside, tender on the inside perfection Every time
- Air fryer with 7 built-in smart programs, including: bake, roast, toast, broil, dehydrate and rotisserie
- One-step EvenCrisp TechnologyTM allows you to achieve a crispy outside and tender inside. Whether you tumble-fry in the rotating basket or roast meat rotisserie style, deliciousness is guaranteed
- Get deep-fried flavor with little to no oil for healthy and tasty versions of your favorites. Air fry, bake and roast multiple meals at once


From the overview above, it seems that Power XL is a very true best seller air fryer in the US. It has more selecting options for quarts, watts, price, colors, and many more. It also completes with more pre-setting for various kinds of cooking purposes. Therefore, you will only need one device to perform many cooking methods. Not like the Instant Vortex that only focuses on the frying, bake, roast, and reheat capability. Buying the Power XL air fryer will give you much more advantage rather than selecting Instant Vortex.

NOTE : Product prices, availability, ratings and save money information are accurate as of the date/time indicated on post time (as seen right bellow the tittle) and are subject to change. Any price, ratings, availability and save money information displayed on Amazon Site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Hence, it can conclude that comparing Power XL Air Fryer VS Instant Vortex, the winner comes to Power XL. The product understands the needs of its consumers very well. Not to mention the money-back guarantee that brings a more satisfying feeling when decide to buy the product. It is not mean that Instant Vortex is a suck product, but it just that at the same level of price, you can get much more benefit by selecting Power XL Air Fryer. Therefore, do not hesitate to choose this product from Eric Theiss. It guarantees your satisfaction and your budget too.

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