Power XL Air Fryer vs Nuwave

The technology of air fryer is kept developing day by day. Including when you see Power XL air fryer VS Nuwave. Both are a similar product that helps to produce healthy fried food for many ranges of consumers. Not only bring great results of fries, but they also consist of better features. That is why deciding the best air fryer for the kitchen can be something difficult to decide. Especially if comparing many products with a limited budget. If you wish to make a selection between the two products, it will be good to have a fast overview of Power XL air fryer VS Nuwave in the following paragraphs.

About The Brand

Let’s start by looking at the brand overview between Power XL and Nuwave. They both might hear rarely for some peoples in a certain country. But, whoever thought that apparently, they are quite a common brand in the USA market. Such as Power XL that comes from the USA and mention as the best air fryer indoor in 2019. This brings a good overview for the consumer around the world, that this brand is one of the best products recommended in the USA market.

Nuwave is another brand from the USA that claims as the highest-ranked product since 2018. It sells online on the official webpage and manages to advertise on television. That is why the brand has many fans and have quite high selling online numbers. Read also: Cosori vs Phillips Air Fryer.


The next thing to consider when selecting the best air fryer is the general features inside the product. From these features, it will be easy to compare between one product and another. It is common to check the product features to make sure that you will buy the best product value for money. Starting from Power XL air fryer that in the official webpage claims the product consist of the following great features:

  • Selling with a low budget price compare to other similar air fryer brands.
  • Consist of several quarts, starting from 2 quarts with 4 presets up to 7 quarts with 10 presets.
  • Made with vortex technology for the best crispy result of the fries.
  • Consist of 1000 watt for the 2 quarts’ version and 1700 watts for the 7 quarts’ version.
  • Attached with a power cord length of 48”.
  • Includes a timer with auto shut-off.
  • Attached with easy-grip handles.
 Power XL Air FryerNuwave
Product Dimensions15.9 x 14 x 13.8 inches
11.3 x 12.4 x 15.12 inches
Shipping Weight16.1 pounds
15 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

While if you choose to buy Nuwave, you shall be getting the following features according to their official website.

  • Precise temperature controls up to 400deg F.
  • Built-in safety features to manage the fry not to work until it is properly close.
  • Easy to clean and use with dishwasher safe parts.
  • Manages up to 70% less fat in the fries.
  • Available in 6 quarts and 14 quarts with a digital probe.
  • Attached with 90 days’ money-back guarantee from the seller.
  • Consists of up to 100 preset menus to select.
  • Adjustable watts from 900 to 1800.

Pros and Cons

After reading the whole features of each product, it is now easier to define their pros and cons. Including after seeing all the information about the product features between Power XL air fryer VS Nuwave above. It can be seen that Power XL brings several pros such as cheap price selection and range from various quarts to accommodate various consumer needs. Unfortunately, this product also has several cons listed such as only limits up to 7 quarts and needs 1700 watts to run for only that amount of quarts. Not to mention it only has 10 preset menus to select, but those are considering enough to perform various frying with this product.

It is a quite different thing when you decide to but Nuwave. According to the listed features above, it can be seen that Nuwave has several positive pros such as available up to 14 quarts to accommodate the needs of a big family with only 1800 watts. It also backs up with a money-back guarantee and brings 100 preset menu to select for various options and food types. However, you will also need to consider the cons of this product, including very short cod with only 4in length.


Other considerations to made usually will involve price as one of the concerns. Some people wish to upgrade their kitchen appliances but with a limited amount of money. While others might not care about the price, but concern on the technology of the device. If money can be a problem, you may need to check first on these two pieces of information. First is that Power XL air fryer is selling at the market with a price of as low as $60. Meanwhile, their biggest size is selling as high as $130 in the market. The other brand, Nuwave is selling at the market with a price of $160. It easy to see that both products have a different price, where Nuwave is officially more expensive.

Power XL Air Fryer vs Nuwave

- The Power Air Fryer XL surrounds your food with Turbo Cyclonic Air instead of oil
- Your meals are cooked in a whirlwind of superheated air, not oil or lard
- That means any of your favorite fast foods can be made with fewer calories from added cooking fat/oil, without sacrificing taste
- You get the same, crispy fried taste & texture you love
- Adjustable temperature control up to 390 degrees allows you to cook a variety of food
- 30-minute timer with ready signal and auto shut-off
- Dishwasher-safe parts for a quick and easy clean up
- 1.8lb cooking basket capacity


Now, let’s conclude both brands. After reading through the paragraphs above, it will be clear enough to conclude that Power XL air fryer is a cheaper solution especially for a small family that not needs big sizing air fryer. Therefore, if you manage only a small family, this cheap product is a good product to select. While Nuwave is having a more expensive price due to its large capacity double from Power XL. Therefore, considering this information, a big family member can consider getting Nuwave. Not to mention their money-back guarantee and easy payment solutions.

NOTE : Product prices, availability, ratings and save money information are accurate as of the date/time indicated on post time (as seen right bellow the tittle) and are subject to change. Any price, ratings, availability and save money information displayed on Amazon Site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Overall, using the air fryer is a good thing for your health. Especially if you are a fried food lover. However, selecting the best product that suits your limit and expectation is the most important step to perform. That is why comparing Power XL air fryer VS Nuwave is a good thing to perform. Once again, this will depend on your needs and budget. If you run a small family with less money to spare, then Power XL is a suitable selection. But, if you wish for a better product with bigger sizing and more quality, then Nuwave is your answer.

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