Rowenta DW2070 Vs DW2090

The German manufacturer indeed knows how to make great household appliances. One of those best-selling products is their steam iron. Nah, if you are looking for a budget-friendly steam iron, Rowenta DW2070 and Rowenta DW2090 are your best bets. Rest assured, you will receive satisfying performance from either of the two. Many of their users have stated so. So, which one that you should purchase? (Have a look: Rowenta IS6300 Vs IS9200)

Rowenta DW2070 Vs DW2090

Maybe you need to understand first that these two models are basically about the same machine with different added features. Rowenta DW2070 is the non-cord reel model, while Rowenta DW2090 has a cord reel system. So, if you hate being disturbed by the reel during the usage, you may feel using DW2090 to be much more practical than DW2070. However, due to the added cord reel feature, DW2090 is bulkier and bigger than DW2070. They weigh roughly the same, though. The added size on DW2090 may or may not be a significant issue.

Also, Rowenta DW2090 works with 1600 watts while Rowenta DW2070 works with 1500 watts of power. Hence, for daily usage, the DW2090 consumes more energy than DW2070. The gap can be exponentially larger if you do steam ironing very often. At least, on paper, the heat performance should be better on DW2090 than on DW2070.

Rowenta DW2070 Vs DW2090

Rowenta DW2070Rowenta DW2090
Key differences- 1600 Watts of Power, Anti-Drip System, 3 Way Auto Off - Self clean system flushes out loose mineral deposits ensuring optimal performance. It has an integrated anti-calc system for extended life - Thumb rest-for comfortable and easier handling of the iron. Comfort handle is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. - Stainless steel soleplate with excellent non-stick and scratch resistant properties. Microsteam 300 holes for perfect steam distribution. - 7 foot electrical cord -with 360 degree pivot. Unit measures 11" L x 6"H x 4.75" W and weighs 3.5 lbs- 1500 Watts of Power, Anti-Drip System, 3 Way Auto Off - 8.45 Oz water tank with a self clean system removes mineral deposits ensuring optimal performance. Anti-calc system for extended life of the iron. - Automatic cord reel adjusts cord length as needed. Extra large handling surface. Ergonomic comfortable handle. - Stainless Steel Soleplate with excellent non-stick and scratch resistant properties. Microsteam 300 holes for perfect steam distribution.Precision Tip -for easy access to difficult areas. Measures 12.25 inches L x 6.25 inches H x 5.25 inches W and weighs 3.5 pounds.

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Besides the things mentioned above, the rest specs and feats on both models are equal. They both come with 300 steam holes, able to do vertical steaming as well as horizontal steaming, ergonomic design, auto shut-off feature to save power. And about the price, Rowenta DW2090 stands higher than Rowenta DW2070. The difference is about ten bucks under normal circumstances. For an extra ten bucks, you can get a neat cord reel system plus slightly more power. I call it a fair trade. Therefore, if you really want the cord reel system, Rowenta DW2090 is great, but if you don’t think such thing to be a necessity, then Rowenta DW2070 is the better value for your money.

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