Rowenta DW5080 Vs DW8080

The two Rowenta DW5080 and DW8080 have continuously been compared with one another for quite some time now, making people really wonder which from the two is worth putting their investment in. However, the honest truth is that the quality of each product is subjective to what you prefer and need. So learning what each of these items offer and specialize in is important to figure out which of the two irons would best suit your personal needs. (Have a look: Rowenta DG8430 Vs DG8520)

Rowenta DW5080 Vs DW8080

Rowenta DW5080
The 1700 watt power of this anti-dripping iron offers an enhance thermostat perfect for those who may not be as knowledgeable on irons as others. Plus, it happens to have a 3 way auto turn off option which enables you to prevent it from overheating and damaging. The soleplates come with microsteam of 400 holes that happen to also be completely stainless steel providing perfect steaming distribution. The water tank that is a part of the iron can take up to 10 ounces of liquid, plus it is built in with a self cleaning system that flushes out all the extra mineral deposits that you don’t want staying inside. This ensures that it will stay at its highest performance ability for as long as possible.

Rowenta DW8080
This professional graded 1700 watt steaming iron also offers a 3 way automatic shut off feature, but comes with variable steam, vertical steam, mist spray, and a burst of steam feature. The anti calc system that it comes with makes it more of a professional iron that more experienced users may appreciate in comparison to the beginner users.

Rowenta DW5080 Vs DW8080

Rowenta DW5080Rowenta DW8080
BrandRowenta Rowenta
Key differences- 1700 Watts of Power, Anti-Drip System, Enhanced Thermostat, 3 Way Auto Off - Stainless Steel Soleplate with Microsteam 400 holes for perfect steam distribution. Enhanced Stainless Steel Precision Tip - Large Water Tank - Shot of Steam -Produces a powerful shot (100g/min) for effective wrinkle removal from difficult fabrics. Variable SteamSpray Vertical Steam - 7 Foot Electrical Cord -With 360 degree pivot- Professional-grade 1700-watt steam iron with 3-way automatic shut-off - Variable steam, burst of steam, vertical steam, and cool mist spray options; anti-drip and anti-calc systems; self cleaning - Highly polished stainless-steel soleplate with high-precision tip; full metal shield; ergonomic covered handle - Extra-large 12.7-ounce water tank; 7-foot electrical cord with 360-degree pivot - Made in Germany; 1-year warranty

Customer Ratings*4.4 out of 5 stars4.0 out of 5 stars
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In conclusion, it seems as if the DW5080 is best for those who aren’t as knowledgeable or experienced with irons, whereas the DW8080 is more for those who already know how to handle an iron like a pro. Whatever iron you choose to purchase, you definitely will not be disappointed, as the Rowenta brand certainly does input superior quality in all their products.

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