Rowenta IS6300 Vs IS9200

Are you currently looking for a steamer that is powerful and reliable to take care of even the most difficult, stubborn clothes as quick as possible? Rowenta, as one of the best manufacturers of garment and fabric steamer products, is proud to offer you their Rowenta IS6300 and Rowenta IS9200. Don’t be fooled by the numbers in their names – Rowenta IS6300 is the one that is more expensive than Rowenta IS9200. However, most probably, you only need one and not both. Therefore, the question is: which steamer model should you choose? Here, we will compare Rowenta IS6300 and Rowenta IS9200 to help you decide! (Have a look: Rowenta DG8430 Vs DG8520)

Rowenta IS6300 Vs IS9200

The very first distinction of the two products is certainly the design. In a glance, you can immediately tell that they are very different from each other. Rowenta IS9200, classified by the manufacturer as a precision valet steamer, comes with a two-pole hanger. The height of the hanger is adjustable, making it very easy and convenient to use, suitable for all clothing sizes. On the other hand, Rowenta IS6300 is classified as a master valet steamer, coming with a press hanger. The hanger is supported by a vertical board that also acts as a press and roll support. By having a flat vertical surface, you will be able to press and iron your garment easily. Both Rowenta IS6300 and Rowenta IS9200 each has a foot-operated on/off switch for practical control.

In terms of output power, Rowenta IS6300 and Rowenta IS9200 are basically equal with each other. They each consumes 1550 Watts of power to operate, and generates similar steam output. They each has a large steam head that promotes a wide and even steam diffusion. The steam output is strong enough to smooth out and remove every wrinkle from your garment quickly and efficiently.

The next important difference between the two products is the water tank capacity. They each has a transparent and removable water tank for easy refill, but Rowenta IS6300’s is actually only 81-oz in capacity (sufficient for up to 1 hour of continuous steaming) while Rowenta IS9200’s is 1-gallon (sufficient for up to 2.5 hours of continuous steaming). Other features are similar, including the tilt and roll system for easy transportation and a set of accessories.

Rowenta IS6300 Vs IS9200

Rowenta IS6300Rowenta IS9200
Key differences- Extra-large removable transparent water tank holds 81-ounce of regular tap water for 1 hour of continuous steam - Foot operated on/off switch with indicator light is designed for comfort and ease of use; large back wheels for convenient movability - Built-in garment hanger with garment clips and hanger hook to hold garment in place for more convenient steaming - IS6300 garment steamer easily removes wrinkles on all kind of fabric and quickly sanitizes and removes odors on clothes - Large set of accessories:delicates steam cap, fabric brush and lint pad- Height is adjustable for comfort and the built-in hanger makes steaming garments easy - Steamer base can be tilted onto its back wheels and rolled using the handle; Foot pedal operated cord retraction for compact storage - Foot pedal with indicator light is designed for comfort;Soft-touch handle stays cool while in use;Switches off automatically if tank runs dry - Provides clear view of water level and is removable for filling;Holds 1 gallon of water for up to 2.5 hours of prolonged, continuous steam

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In the end, you should choose whether you prefer having a vertical board or a larger water tank. We recommend you to choose Rowenta IS6300 for the vertical board, though, as the feature is very much beneficial in usage.

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