Sebo X4 Vs Miele S7

So you’re looking to rid your household of all dirt and dust and for the best vacuum cleaner in the market. There are very few vacuum cleaners that can compare to the Sebo X4 Vs Miele S7. These are two high tech vacuum cleaners that every clean freak must have in their house if they love spotlessness and seeing everything looking spick and span.

Sebo X4 Vs Miele S7

If you were to put the Sebo X4 vs Miele S7210 head to head against each other, it would be most likely a photo finish or a draw. The two compare quite well versus each other when it comes to specifications and overall performance in the cleaning business. This though doesn’t mean that they are identical. Some clear differences can be outlined when you put the Sebo X4 against the Miele S7210.

There are various aspects that distinguish the Sebo X4 from Miele S7210 that can help you make an accurate decision while shopping for an ideal vacuum cleaner. For example, if you are looking for more freedom of movement in your house while cleaning, the Sebo X4 is the better choice because it has a longer cable, is lighter in weight and also much narrower to help you squeeze through the hard to reach areas. The Miele S7210 on the other hand is very durable and comes with a seven year warranty. It is also automatic in height adjustments and very quiet. Its intelligent design allows it to clean edges which prove tricky for many upright vacuum cleaners.

Sebo X4 Vs Miele S7

Sebo X4Miele S7210
Key differences- Powerful, HEPA upright vacuum cleaners and built to last for 15 to 20 years - Features a powerful 1300 watt motor, S-class filtration with a replaceable micro and odor filters - 12-inch brush head, extra tools including a hand-held turbo brush and 9 ft. extension hose - Vacuum electronically senses carpet height and adjusts brush height to compensate - Double row brush roll cleans all types of carpets from short to shag thanks to long wearing bristles- Patented SwivelNeck technology allows for extreme maneuverability - Automatic height adjustment - Air Clean Filter and Miele's AirClean Sealed System - Integrated dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzle - Rotary dial speed control

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When it comes down to the Sebo X4 and the Miele S7210 there’s very little to pick from. They both cost over $250 though the Miele S7210 costs slightly more, both are very maneuverable and durable. Head to head they are undisputed the best vacuum cleaners currently in the market. After all my research on the Sebo X4 versus Miele S7210 I feel they are both winners. Simply, the Sebo X4 is the best for small and medium sized apartments while the Miele S7210 is the best for large houses and offices.

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