Toto C100 Vs C200

Toto is a renowned and well-known brand in the market. It is currently the world’s largest toilet manufacturer, and its products are considered as high-quality models. Of course, Toto is also the one who invented and patented washlets – electronic toilet seats with advanced features for convenient usage. Now, the company has just released the new C Series washlets into the market. The new C Series offers homeowners classically modern looks that are clean and uncomplicated. Of course, all the advanced features such as various cleansing modes, driers, and seat heating are also included. The new C Series features two models, which are Toto C100 and Toto C200.

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So, what is actually the difference between Toto C100 and Toto C200? If you are currently looking for a good quality washlet, you may find these two models very attractive. But Toto C200 is slightly more expensive than Toto C10. See the differences between these two models below.

Toto C100 vs. C200: Design

Both Toto C100 and Toto C200 are elongated toilets. But the most distinctive feature that separates these two models apart is the control panel. Toto C100 comes with an attached control panel. It is pretty much useless without the control panel, because that is the only way for you to access its features. And that is also the reason why Toto C100 may require a bigger space than Toto C200. Actually, if not for the control panel, the two models may have exactly the same dimensions. However, the control panel on Toto C100 makes it require a wider space. It is 18 13/16” wide, 20 7/8” long.

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On the other hand, Toto C200 does not require a control panel because it has been designed to work with a wireless remote control. Thus, it can be a suitable option for a smaller space. It is 15 3/8” wide and 20 7/8” long.

Both models come with the same power cords, which are 3.94-ft long. They both come in the white cotton color.

So, before choosing between these two models, you may want to consider the size of your bathroom first. Is it big enough to accommodate Toto C100 conveniently? Having an attached control panel is indeed more convenient and more practical than using a remote control. An integrated control panel doesn’t require batteries, after all. But, if the bathroom is not wide enough, you may want to opt for Toto C200 instead, which is more space-friendly due to not requiring an integrated control panel.

Toto C100 vs. C200: Features

In a glance, these two washlet models seem to be identical in terms of features. However, that is not true. There are several features exclusive to Toto C200 and not available on Toto C100.

The first feature that is only available on Toto C200 and not on Toto C100 is the Pulsating Cleanse feature. You can activate the pulsating cleansing during washes. It essentially alternates the water pressure between soft and strong levels, making it feel like a massage. Nevertheless, the other cleansing modes of the two models are similar. They both come with Rear Cleanse, Soft Rear Cleanse, Front Cleanse, and Oscillating Cleanse. Each model also features 5 settings of water pressure and wand position adjustment.

However, Toto C200 comes with 5 temperature settings, whereas Toto C100 only has 3 temperature settings. If we compare their temperature ranges, Toto C200 has a minimum temperature of 86 F (30 C), whereas Toto C100 has a minimum temperature of 95 F (35 C). In other words, with Toto C200, you will be able to adjust the water temperature more freely, and you can get slightly cooler water. However, if you don’t really need cooler water, Toto C100 would be pretty much the same thing.

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Both models have air dryer and air purifier features. Interestingly, the air temperature range of Toto C200 is also wider than Toto C100. Both also have self-cleaning wands to ensure hygiene and cleanliness.

Finally, the next difference between Toto C100 and Toto C200 is the ability to store wash preferences. Toto C100 does not have the feature to store user preferences. That is not a big deal if you are the only person using the washlet, but it can be pretty inconvenient if used by multiple people with different setting preferences. For example, you may prefer using cold water whereas your wife prefers hot water. Each of you will have to adjust the settings every time you use the washlet.

If multiple people with different preferences use the washlet, Toto C200 is perhaps more convenient. It has the feature to store user preferences for up to two users. You can store settings such as wand position, water pressure, and water temperature in each user profile. It will be very convenient because you will not have to make manual adjustments every time you use the toilet.

Toto C100 vs. C200: Performance

Aside from design and feature differences, these two models have pretty much the same performance qualities. Their wand flow rate ranges from 9.1 – 14.5 oz/minute on the rear, and from 9.8 – 14.5 oz on the front. They can also produce approximately 9.53 cubic feet air per minute for drying. They clean well, and are very convenient to use.

They have the same power rating. To operate, they need 120 V AC, 60 Hz electricity. Their power usage rating is 406 Watts. Even so, you also need to remember that Toto C100 does not require batteries, as the control panel is integrated to the system. Toto C200, on the other hand, works with a remote control, whose batteries will need to be replaced every once in a while.

Toto C100Toto C200
Key differences- Dimension:20.88*18.81*7.375 inches - Gentle aerated, warm water, dual-action spray with oscillating feature - Adjustable water temperature and volume - Premist bowl before each use , Convenient arm control panel - Elongated heated seat with temperature control- Gentle aerated, warm water, dual-action spray with oscillating feature - Adjustable water temperature and volume - Premist bowl before each use - Convenient slim wireless remote with illuminated touchpad - Elongated heated seat with temperature control

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In general, if you have a bathroom that is big enough, you may want to choose Toto C100 for the convenience of having the control panel integrated on the side of the washlet. However, if you need a more compact option, Toto C200 is the way to go. It works with a remote control. It is also the way to go if you need the Pulsating Cleanse mode, the wider temperature range, or the user preference profiles.

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