Vornado 630 Vs 660

If you are living in a humid environment or if your country is having a pretty harsh summer, using an electric fan during the day or even night may be a good decision to help lower the temperature. Choosing which fan to purchase may not an easy task since there are so many of them in the market and in today Vornado 630 vs 660 article, we will give you a recommendation based on these two popular electric fan you can reach out to.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Vornado 630 and Vornado 660
– What Vornado 630 and Vornado 660 Look Like
– What Vornado 630 and Vornado 660 can offer to you
– Vornado 630 vs Vornado 660

About Vornado 630
In recent years, the earth feels like it’s getting hotter and hotter. It is a fact and you are not the only one who feel it since it is happening here and there across regions. If your country are having an unbearable summer, you may want to reach for an electric fan especially if you don’t use air conditioner or just want to lower the electricity bill and move to more traditional method. The Vornado 630 is a good option since not only it is effective, it also quite affordable.

Vornado 630 Design
Since the air circulator described as a medium size fan, it is of course small enough to not consume much space. It measures at 8.2 x 12 x 13.6 inches and weigh around 6.61 pounds, it seems not too big or too small to help cool down your room. Just like many similar items out there, the unit is also built from plastic material and when you look at the side, you will find the control to adjust its speed. It is can be used in either desktop or floors.

Vornado 630 Features
From the features, its Air Tensity Spira Grill has a special twist to create a spiral effects to help air flowing through the whole room and the enclosed air duct design with deep pitch blades in cylindrical duct is said to be able to create the air into high velocity columns and move around both hot and cold zones. The deep pitch blades with its heavily contoured design will maximize the amount of air moved in each turn of the fan high-powered motor. The last is its inlet Air Accelerator, which will directs air to the most efficient parts to increase airflow.

To put it simply, the Vornado 630 boast its signature grill and deep-pitched propeller design, which claimed to be able to moves air up to 70 feet while still aerodynamically circulating all the air in your room. It comes with a control to adjust the speed ranging from the weakest, medium and strongest to allow you choose the right adjustment for how strong you need it to be. The control is located at the side base of the air circulator for easy access. Read also:

The base is also designed perfectly to support the fan and provide a stability when operating whether you want to place it in your desktop or floor. The Vornado 630 has a vortex circulation, so it will able to circulate the air in the room for everyone’s comfort. Since it can provide a whole room circulation, the company said it will also turn down your thermostats up to 5 degree Fahrenheit, so you can save more energy without sacrificing comfort.

About Vornado 660
If you think you need more power or a bigger fan and willing to spend more to cool down your room temperature in a hot summer days, you may want to consider picking the Vernado 660 model. This air circulator is very popular among its users since it able to make your room cooler even if it’s a large room like a living room. However, just in case you think a fan can replace an air conditioner and making your room super cool, this one still can’t do that for you.

Vornado 660 Design
From the outside, this air circulator looks simple yet tough and can fit anywhere in larger room in either your house or office. The item is measured at 11.8 x 13.5 x 15 inches and weigh around 9.96 pounds built in black plastic material. When looking at the fan in a glance you may can’t locate the controls but you can find them at the top of the unit with several small flat buttons that you can press to control and turn on/off the fan.

Vornado 660 Features
From the features, the Vornado 660 still comes with the same components as the 630 model. It still used Air Tensity Spiral Grill to create a spiral effect to help the air in your room moves around and prevent high temperature. It’s enclosed Air Duct design will allow the air sculpted into a high-velocity column that powers throughout the hot and cold zones. The heavily contoured deep pitch blades will maximize the amount of air moved with each of the fan motor turn.

With Vornado 660 specially designed inlet, the air circulator will be able to direct air to the most efficient parts of the blades and help it increased airflow. The company claims it can move air up to 100 feet and with its chrome glide bar, the fan can be tilted at full 90 degree. As it has been mentioned earlier, the control buttons are placed at the top if the fan. This placement is chosen for easy selection with 4 speed settings ranging from the weakest to strongest as well as simple turn on/off.

Now, let’s compare Vornado 630 with 660. As you may already know, these two are differs from the size since the 660 falls into large whole air circulator while the 630 is smaller in medium size. Another difference is unlike the 630 that only has 3 speed settings, the latter comes with 4 speed settings. When the size and speed combined, we can take a conclusion that the 660 will be more powerful that 630.

Vornado 630 Vs 660

Vornado 630Vornado 660
Key differences- Vornado's signature Vortex Technology provides complete circulation of all the air throughout a room;PowerCord Plug Type: 2-Pin Polarized - Superior performance through deep-pitched blades that move air up to 70 feet - Multi-directional airflow and whisper-quiet operation. High Speed dB : 52. Watts : 51- Vornado's signature Vortex Technology provides complete circulation of all the air throughout a room - Superior performance through deep-pitched blades that move air up to 100 feet - Chrome glide bar provides for full control of the airflow direction;Cable/Cord Length: 6 feet L ;Number of Fan Speeds: 4

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are a great option and you can pick based on your need. If your room is large enough or simply want more powerful air circulator, you should pick Vornado 660 model, but if your room is smaller or you are the only one using it, the 630 model should be enough, moreover, it is also cheaper.

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