Weston Pro 1100 Vs Pro 2300

Among those many vacuum sealer machine in the market, there are only few that might catch your attention. All of them are claiming to be the best, but we are not sure which one is in fact better than the other. if you are currently looking for a dependable vacuum sealing machine, here in this article we will introduce you to two Weston vacuum sealing machine, which are Weston Pro 1100 and Weston Pro 2300.

In this article we will give you information about:
– What is Weston Pro 1100 and Pro 2300
– What Weston Pro 1100 and Pro 2300 can offer to you
– Weston Pro 1100 vs Pro 2300

About Weston Pro 1100
Weston Pro 1100 is one among many vacuum sealers made by Weston. The vacuum sealer comes with a compact design and according to Weston, the machine belong to its compact version out from their Pro series of vacuum sealers. If you purchase this vacuum sealer you will also get a vacuum bag roll holder & cutter. This machine is also vacuum canister capable, vacuum canister is the vacuum port that located at the side of the unit.

Weston Pro 1100 Features
The Weston Pro 1100 comes with many useful features, the unit includes a rear mounted bag roll holder and cutter, it also has a side mounted vacuum port that will make this machine vacuum canister capable. You can adjust the sealing time and use the digital display to help you monitor the stages of the vacuum and sealing process. With this machine automatic mode, you will be able to vacuum and seal as easy as pushing a button. The manual option in this unit will let you control the amount of vacuum pressure for sealing soft foods, photos, and valuables or delicate objects. The Pro 1100 can be categorized as a heavy duty machine, since it has a large bar for sealing bags up to 11 inch wide.

Other than that those features mentioned above, the Pro 1100 has a powerful suction powered by double piston vacuum-pump that able to delivers 28” HG vacuum strength with 680 watts of power. The cord is also detachable so it will be more convenient for you when storing the unit. The bulk roll holder placed at the back of the unit mentioned earlier will quicken your work when making custom sized bags from a big rolls of bag material. This feature will help you save more money compare when purchasing pre-made bags.

Many people who purchase the Pro 1100 are liking the automatic feature. With this button you can eliminate all the guesswork when vacuum sealing your food. With just a press at the button the machine will be able to create custom levels of vacuum, which is great if you want to seal delicate foods.

About Weston Pro 2300
Similar to Pro 1100 Weston Pro 2300 is also one among the Pro collection of vacuum cleaner by Weston. The company claims that this unit is a heavy-duty machine that has a top performance on handling fresh prized game harvests, fresh catches, garden fresh vegetables and more ingredients. This machine also can be used for keeping valuable things from rapid aging. Other than 2300, Weston also has other vacuum sealer in their Pro collection, they are Weston Pro 3000, Pro 2100, , and Pro 1100.

Weston Pro 2300 Features
This heavy duty vacuum sealer machine is able to seal large bag up to 15 inches wide, which you can’t easily find in other commercial-grade vacuum sealer. The motor of Pro 2300 is pretty powerful, it has double piston vacuum-pump that will deliver 28” HG vacuum strength powered with 935 watts. The LED light is easy to use and also bright, so you can monitor the stage of the sealing process. With the automatic mode, you can vacuum and seal your food as easy as pushing a button, however it also has manual seal mode that let you decide the amount of vacuum pressure when you want to seal delicate foods, photos, and valuable or delicate objects.

Aside from those features mentioned above, the Pro 2300 also has a fan inside the unit to make the motor stay cool in an attempt to prolong its life. It also has a see through acrylic vacuum lid, so you can align your bag perfectly while sealing. The body itself constructed from stainless steel with detachable cord for more convenient cord storage compartment.

When comparing both of them we can see clearly that they have difference appearance and also other difference in the features side. First is the warranty, Weston only offer 1 year warranty for the Pro 1100, while the Pro 2300 has 2 years warranty. Second is the sealing bar, the Pro 1100 is only 11”, while the Pro 2300 is 15”. Third is the watt, the Pro 2300 needs higher watt at 935, while Pro 1100 only at 680 watt. The fourth is that the Pro 2300 has a cooling fan inside the unit, which is not available in the Pro 1100. However the Pro 2300 also has a downside, which is the onboard bag holder that is not available on this unit.

Weston Pro 1100 Vs Pro 2300

Weston Pro 1100Weston Pro 2300
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As we can see above, we can see that Pro 2300 has the upgraded features from the Pro 1100, so it is not strange that it also sold in higher price. If you don’t mind spending more, we will recommend you the almost everybody’s favorite Weston Pro 2300.

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