Wusthof Knives Vs Chicago Cutlery

Any kitchen needs a complete set of knives to be effective. Well, yes, there are some people who use a single knife for cutting everything, but using a knife for the things that aren’t mean for it will either make bad results or cause the knife to get dull quickly. The knife for slicing an apple is different with the knife for chopping meat. That’s why you need a complete set of knives. Now, for a complete set of kitchen knives, there are two interesting options: Wusthof Knives and Chicago Cutlery. Wusthof Knives is considered as a high-quality set, used by home chefs as well as professionals. On the other hand, Chicago Cutlery is extremely popular due to being very affordable and budget-friendly. Which set is better for you?

Wusthof Knives Vs Chicago Cutlery

Wusthof Knives
Wusthof Knives is available in several variants with different handles and bases, also with different colors. So, you should be able to find the set whose style suits your taste the best. Regardless of the variants, the blades have all been crafted for the highest quality possible. The blades are all laser-cut, tampered to 56-degree Rockwell. They are incredibly sharp. You would be surprised by how they can cut through things very smoothly and effortlessly. Since they are all already very sharp by nature, it is relatively easy for you to maintain the sharpness as long as you regularly clean them and sometimes sharpen them. Keep in mind, though, that Wusthof Knives are not dishwasher safe. These knives need to be cleaned carefully manually by hands. The knives are very sturdy and durable.

Chicago Cutlery
Chicago Cutlery’s knives are generally good. People choose Chicago Cutlery because of the very affordable and budget-friendly price. And, for the price, the performance is pretty good. The knives are generally sharp and effective. However, if you have ever used the Wusthof Knives before, you can tell that Chicago Cutlery’s knives are just not that awesome. These knives are also quite solid and durable, thanks to the high-carbon stainless steel construction. But you should always clean and dry these knives after usage, because they are somehow more prone to rust. They are also not recommended to be washed using a dishwasher because it will make them dull very quickly. Washing by hands is much more recommended.

Wusthof Knives Vs Chicago Cutlery

Wusthof KnivesChicago Cutlery
BrandWusthofChicago Cutlery
Key differences3.5-inch Paring Knife, 4.5-inch Utility Knife, 5.5-inch Sandwich Knife, 6-inch Utility Knife, 8-inch Bread Knife, 8-inch Chef's Knife, 9-inch Sharpening Steel, 17-Slot Knife Block and Come-Apart Shears3.25" parer, 3" peeler, 5" utility, 8 - 4.25" steak knives, 7.75" chef, 8" slicer, 7.75" bread, 5" partoku, 7" santoku, 8" stainless sharpening steel

Customer Ratings*4.5 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars
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If you are running on a tight budget, Chicago Cutlery’s knives are good enough for home usage. However, if you have the bucks, you should choose Wusthof Knives instead, which are much sharper, effective, and durable.

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