Dyson AM04 vs AM05

Although primarily known for its vacuum cleaners, Dyson has produced a wide range of home appliance products, including table fans that are suitable for just about any weather. In this article, we will see the comparison between Dyson AM04 vs AM05, two table fans with hot and cool capabilities. So, which one is actually better?

Read on below to learn further about:
– The design and appearance of each model
– The available color choices of each table fan
– The features and capabilities of the two Dyson products
– The power and performance of Dyson AM04 vs AM05
– Which Dyson table fan that is generally more recommended

Design and Dimensions
If you put Dyson AM04 and Dyson AM05 next to each other, you will see that they have a lot of similarities. In fact, every visible thing on Dyson AM04 looks just like Dyson AM05. On each unit, there is an elongated oval piece through which air is sucked from one side and then projected to the other side. See also: Dyson V6 vs DC59.

Under the oval part, there is the housing that protects the unit’s engine and internal mechanisms. The housing has some grilles to allow some air circulation and prevent the motor from overheating.Near the bottom of the unit, there are the controls and power button. However, you don’t need to kneel down all the time because Dyson AM04 and Dyson AM05 come with a remote control. As the effect, you can easily control the unit from your couch.

Both Dyson AM04 and Dyson AM05 can be tilted. The tilting design allows you to aim and direct the airflow precisely. Some people don’t like to get the air blown directly to the body; if this is the case, just position the unit so that it won’t blow directly to you.

Both models have excellent build quality. The construction is really sturdy and durable. They are also really easy to clean. Without any sharp blade or visible heating element, all you need to do is wipe the surface. So, maintenance is easy and simple.

The dimensions of Dyson AM04 and Dyson AM05 are similar. They each measure 7. 8 inches x 7.9 inches x 22.8 inches. The weight of each unit is about 6 lbs. They are pretty slim and compact, and they are certainly lightweight. So, you can easily place either fan on your table or on the floor.

Color Choices
One difference that is easy to spot between Dyson AM04 vs AM05 is the available color choices. Dyson AM04 is only available in two color choices, whereas Dyson AM05 comes with three color choices. You may want to choose a variant that has a matching color to suit your room decoration.

Dyson AM04 has two color choices, which are blue/black and silver/white. The first variant has a blue oval part, while the housing is black. Meanwhile, the second variant has a silver oval part and a white housing. Both variants are stylish and good-looking.

Dyson AM05 is also available in blue/black and silver/white. In addition, it is also available in nickel/black. This variant has a nickel-colored oval part and a black housing. It is especially suitable for a modern home.

Dyson AM04 and Dyson AM05 are two-in-one devices that can serve as both fans and heaters. They work by collecting air from the surrounding, adjusting the temperature according to the chosen setting, and projecting an air current. They have been designed to be as safe as possible. They don’t have any visible heating elements, and they don’t use any fast-spinning sharp blades. There is a tip-over automatic cut out to secure the unit in the case of a hazardous event.

With the tip-over automatic cut, you can be certain that the fan unit is always safe and secure. If it is accidentally knocked over, it will be automatically turned off to prevent electrical damage.Dyson AM04 and Dyson AM05 will not emit any burning smell, unlike traditional heaters, so they are very convenient to use.

Both Dyson AM04 and Dyson AM05 use the Dyson Air Multiplier technology to generate an air current and project heat. This technology allows the machine to oscillate in an angle of 70 degrees, so that it can distribute the heat evenly across a wide area. And the Dyson Air Multiplier is also able to deliver an airflow with high velocity, hence ensuring effective cooling performance.

The temperature of each unit is adjustable between 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 99 degrees Fahrenheit. You can control the oscillation, temperature, and airflow through the remote. By the way, the remote is curved and magnetized, so that you can easily store it on the top of the fan unit when not used.

The primary difference between Dyson AM04 vs Dyson AM05 is the motor. The company has mentioned that Dyson AM05 is essentially an update for Dyson AM04. The new model is very similar to the predecessor, except for the motor. According to the company, the motor of Dyson AM05 spins 33% faster than Dyson AM04, so it is able to deliver stronger, faster airflow.

It should be noted that these models can function as heaters and fans, but they are not air conditioners. They are not actually able to cool down the air. Instead, they work like fans, which is by generating an air current to make you feel cool.

Still, they are quite effective. Dyson AM04 and Dyson AM05 work very well in heating up the air, so they are nice for warming you when the weather is cold. Meanwhile, when in a particularly hot summer day, the generated air current is quite useful to make you significantly less sweaty.

Dyson AM04 and Dyson AM05 are meant for personal use. They are great for warming a relatively small room or a single person. They are also still powerful enough for two or three people. However, these models are not designed for cooling or warming a large room.

Both Dyson AM04 and Dyson AM05 come with a 2-year parts and labor warranty. However, you only get the warranty if you purchase the product from an authorized reseller. Make sure that you are eligible for the warranty before making a purchase.

Apparently, some Dyson AM04 products that are sold online don’t come with the warranty. This is too bad. In the case of a defective product, you won’t be able to claim a warranty. Hence, it is very important to check for the warranty before purchasing.

Dyson AM04 vs AM05

- Air Multiplier technology draws in surrounding air to heat the whole room faster than any other
- Cooling fan- high airflow and velocity for effective personal cooling
- Long-range heat projection- feel direct heat throughout the room
- Safety features- tip-over automatic cut out and no visible heating elements
- Precise- select target temperature to the degree and the intelligent thermostat keeps it there
- 2 year parts & labor warranty when purchased from an authorized reseller; Product does not work on international voltage.
- Heating fan-Long-range heat projection so you feel direct heat throughout the room
- Cooling fan-Powerful airflow and velocity to cool you effectively
- Air Multiplier technology-Draws in surrounding air and amplifies it
- Safe-Tip-over automatic cut out. No visible heating elements. No fast-spinning blades

We highly recommend you to choose Dyson AM05. This is a newer model that comes with a powerful motor. As the effect, it can generate stronger, faster airflow for better cooling performance. It also has an additional nickel/black color choice, and it is backed by a 2-year warranty.

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